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Check out the Power of the Blue with a little "Cide" Sauce!

No d-limonene. No butyls. No solvents. No oxidizers. No NTA. Just pure cleaning POWER!

Saiger's Sauce

Developed by Saiger's Steam Clean, a family owned and operated cleaning company employing four generations of cleaning specialists, Saiger's Sauce 1 is the culmination of 50 years of cleaning experience, passion, and real-world testing.


Created by professionals for professionals, this high-performing pre-spray delivers dramatic cleaning results on carpet, tile and grout, synthetic rugs, garage floors, stone patios, etc. It’s your “Blue Bullet” when faced with greasy commercial jobs in restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, but it’s also gentle enough for routine cleaning of lightly soiled residential carpet.


Each sample bag is 18 oz—the perfect dilution for use with a Hydro-Force or PowerForce sprayer. Simply add the entire bag to the 5-quart container, fill with warm to hot water, and meter at 8:1.


A Note from Mark Saiger: "My preferred sprayer is the PowerForce II. I find that it provides better flow, consistency, and reliability. Plus, it's American made."


A Message from Mark Saiger

I have been a customer at Jon-Don for many years and have always been amazed at their support and customer service. When I developed Saiger's Sauce, it was a dream of mine to partner with them. Well, dreams do come true. From one carpet cleaner to another, I truly hope that Saiger's Sauce, along with Jon-Don's excellent support and customer service, helps make your jobs a little easier and business a little more successful.