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A Message from Mark Saiger

I have been a customer at Jon-Don for many years and have always been amazed at their support and customer service. When I developed Saiger’s Sauce, it was a dream of mine to partner with them. Well, dreams do come true. From one carpet cleaner to another, I truly hope that Saiger’s Sauce, along with Jon-Don’s excellent support and customer service, helps make your jobs a little easier and business a little more successful.

Check out the
Power of the Blue with a little "Cide" Sauce!

No d-limonene. No butyls. No solvents. No oxidizers. No NTA.
Just pure cleaning POWER!

Saiger's Sauce

Developed by Saiger's Steam Clean, a family owned and operated cleaning company employing four generations of cleaning specialists, Saiger's Sauce 1 is the culmination of 50 years of cleaning experience, passion, and real-world testing.

Created by professionals for professionals, this high-performing pre-spray delivers dramatic cleaning results on carpet, tile and grout, synthetic rugs, garage floors, stone patios, etc. It’s your “Blue Bullet” when faced with greasy commercial jobs in restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, but it’s also gentle enough for routine cleaning of lightly soiled residential carpet.

Each sample bag is 18 oz—the perfect dilution for use with a Hydro-Force or PowerForce sprayer. Simply add the entire bag to the 5-quart container, fill with warm to hot water, and meter at 8:1.

A Note from Mark Saiger: "My preferred sprayer is the PowerForce II. I find that it provides better flow, consistency, and reliability. Plus, it's American made."


Mark Saiger's Preferred Products at Jon-Don

Saiger's Sauce 1 Pre-Spray

This high-performing pre-spray designed to be your “one product” solution for most cleaning tasks on carpet, tile and grout, synthetic rugs, garage floors, stone patios, etc. Saiger's Sauce 1 is a great choice for greasy commercial jobs in restaurants, but it's also perfect for routine cleaning of residential carpet too.

Saiger's Sauce 1 Free & Clear Pre-Spray

Saiger’s Sauce Free & Clear has all the same great cleaning power as Saiger’s Sauce 1, but it’s free of any dyes or fragrances that can irritate sensitive individuals. This hypoallergenic pre-spray is also VOC-compliant in all 50 states.

Saiger's Sauce Blue Flame Boost-It Pack

Your greasiest, gunkiest soils will melt away when you turn on the Blue Flame! Mix up a powerful pre-spray when you combine Saiger's Sauce 1, G-Force Booster, and Booster Powder. This kit is perfect for restaurants, trashed rentals, and commercial carpet.

Saiger's Sauce Clear Blue Flame Boost-It Pack

The Clear Flame Boost-It Pack includes three great Saiger’s Sauce products: Saiger’s Sauce 1 Free & Clear, G-Force Booster, and Booster Powder. This incredible combination gives you the power to tackle the heaviest soiling in any environment.

Saiger's "Cide" Sauce Lime Citron Odor Destroyer

Saiger’s “Cide” is a powerful deodorizer that absorbs, modifies, and eliminates the worst odors hiding in carpet, upholstery, mattresses, and more. Malodors are destroyed at the source and replaced with an uplifting lime fragrance.

PowerForce II Sprayer 250-1,000 PSI

A super-high-quality sprayer for fast and easy application of pre-sprays. The PowerForce hooks into your truck mount solution line and meters chemical at a precise 1:9 ratio!

Stainless Steel Grout Brush

Featuring stiff stainless steel bristles, this brush scrapes up the gunk and grime that you thought was permanent or just plain impossible to remove. The ultra-tough bristles reach deep into grout lines, scrubbing away tough dirt and grime.