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Commercial Toilet Bowl Mops & Brushes

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  1. Standard Bowl Mop
    Standard Bowl Mop

    This standard bowl mop is fitted with an angled acrylic yarn head for effective toilet bowl cleaning even in tough-to-reach areas, like under the rim.

    • 12-inch angled handle
    • Acrylic yarn head fibers
    • Get into those hard-to-reach areas
  2. Squeegee Type Bowl Mop
    Squeegee Type Bowl Mop

    This acrylic yarn-headed mop makes toilet bowl cleanup simple and fast. The built-in squeegee cup helps you wring out the mop head so you avoid dripping, plus the easy-to-hold handle makes cleaning a breeze.

    • Acrylic yarn head
    • Built-in squeegee cup helps to wring out excess liquid
    • Easy-to-hold handle
  3. Bowl Brush Round Head
    Bowl Brush Round Head

    This round-headed synthetic bristle brush is designed for easy and effective toilet bowl cleaning. The bristles are stiff for aggressive cleaning and scrubbing of stubborn, caked-on matter.

    • Rounded head for easy use
    • Durable synthetic bristles
    • Brush has 360-degree fiber placement
    • 10-inch handle
    • Overall length of 15 inches
  4. ea Rubbermaid Toliet Bowl Brush
    ea Rubbermaid Toliet Bowl Brush

    This stain- and odor-resistant bowl brush is ideal for cleaning and scrubbing toilets and urinals. The polypropylene fill is great for scrubbing away at the porcelain surface without damaging it.

    • Stain- and odor-resistant
    • 14.5 inches in length
    • 1-1/8-inch trim length
    • Plastic handle
  5. O‑Cedar Commercial Bowl Brush Holder
    O‑Cedar Commercial Bowl Brush Holder

    This compact storage caddy saves space and fits most round bowl brushes.

    • Compact design; fits anywhere
    • Made from durable plastic
    • Holds most round bowl brushes
    • Bowl brush sold separately
  6. Rubbermaid® Toilet Brush Holder
    Rubbermaid® Toilet Brush Holder

    This plastic toilet brush holder fits the Rubbermaid toilet bowl brush. It keeps the brush held upright and traps all liquid drips, helping to promote a cleaner, healthier restroom.

    • Accepts Rubbermaid toilet bowl brush
    • All-plastic construction
    • White in color
  7. Toilet Bowl Caddy
    Toilet Bowl Caddy

    Keep your toilet bowl cleaning accessories neat and tidy with this convenient carrying case with an ultra comfortable handle. It holds a 32-ounce bottle of cleaning solution and a bowl mop. A secure hinged lid keep odors in and prevents solution spills.

    • Handy organizational tool
    • Holds 32-oz bottle of cleaning solution
    • Stores bowl mop when not in use
  8. Pumie Scouring Stick
    Pumie Scouring Stick

    Pumie Scouring Sticks clean porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry, and iron. These sticks efficiently remove water, juice, acid stains, scale, rust and mineral deposits from urinals, sinks, tubs, showers and plumbing. Pumie works where chemicals fail.

    • Erases toilet bowl rings in seconds
    • Contains no harsh detergents or other chemicals
    • No gloves or applicators needed
    • Sticks are individually sealed in plastic film
    • 100% pure pumice bar

    Starting at $2.93

  9. Unisan Valve Plus Plunger
    Unisan Valve Plus Plunger
    Clogged drains and toilets will clear out fast thanks to this handy plunger. The 20" wooden handle keeps your hands a good distance away from liquid and splash, plus it gives you the perfect amount of leverage for plunging action. The 6" diameter rubber head forms a tight seal around most floor and toilet drains for effective results.
    • For use on clogged toilets or drains
    • 20" smooth wood handle
    • 6" diameter rubber plunger head
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