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Carpet Cleaning Stair Cleaning Tools & Wands

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  1. HydraMaster Evolution Stair Tool
    HydraMaster Evolution Stair Tool

    The HydraMaster Evolution Stair Tool is lighter and more durable than stainless steel stair wands and tools.

    • 10" head, 1-jet Evolution Stair Tool
    • Lightweight—only 4.5 pounds!
    • Innovative laminar airflow technology
    • 1.5" wand tube
  2. Stair Tool Truck Mount Swivel Head
    Stair Tool Truck Mount Swivel Head

    Easy to use, but hard on dirt! The Swivel Head Stair Tool features an ergonomic design with 500 PSI of cleaning power, a V2P brass valve, and an open-spray brass V-jet for even coverage. It's the perfect tool for cleaning stairs!

    • 500 PSI, V2P brass valve
    • Swivels easily and stays in rotated position
    • 9-3/4" head width
    • One brass V-jet
    • Perfect height for cleaning stairs
  3. Lightweight Truck Mount Stair Tool
    Lightweight Truck Mount Stair Tool

    Stairs present a real cleaning challenge, but not for this tool. This 30" long mini-wand comes with a 9 3/4" wide pick-up head so you cover plenty of ground fast, and the lightweight design will help prevent operator fatigue, too.

    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Lightweight for less operator fatigue
    • Standard with 500 PSI valve
  4. Stair Tool Truck Mount
    Stair Tool Truck Mount

    This heavy-duty, 6” wide, stainless steel stair tool is designed to be used at pressures up to 500 PSI. It features an open 11006 stainless steel/plastic t-jet. The special handgrip allows you to apply scrubbing pressure where you need it. Quick connect NOT included.

    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Special handgrip allows for better scrubbing pressure
    • Handles up to 500 PSI
    • 6-inch wide tool
  5. Stair Tool Truck Mount Long Handle
    Stair Tool Truck Mount Long Handle

    This tool is ideal for cleaning stairs without having to stoop and crawl on your hands and knees. The 40" long handle has a 9 3/4" pickup head and a high-pressure valve for use with truck mounts.

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