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Concrete Solvents

Good-quality, reliable solvents are a must-have for any professional concrete operator who applies epoxy coatings and resins. Jon-Don offers concrete professionals a terrific selection of high-quality solvents and denatured alcohol.

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  1. Acetone

    Acetone is a fast-evaporating solvent for thinning epoxies, lacquers and adhesives, as well as polyester resins used in fiberglass boat and auto repairs.

    • Powerful thinning and cleanup solvent
    • Fast drying with no residue
    • Use with resins, epoxies, adhesives, lacquers, and more!

    Starting at $34.21

  2. Denatured Alcohol
    Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol is a degreasing agent that can be used as a spot cleaner to remove scuff marks, grease spots, haze, and stubborn soils on hard floors. Denatured Alcohol can be used to remove tar, grease, ink, paint, and oil-based stains on carpet.

    • Powerful degreasing agent
    • Fast-drying
    • Can be used to remove tar, great, paint, and oil-based spots
    • Highly flammable—use extreme caution

    Starting at $21.87

  3. Xylene

    Xylol (Xylene) is a 100% aromatic hydrocarbon with excellent solvency characteristics and a medium-fast evaporation rate. It is the recommended thinner and reducer for hard-to-thin oil-based paints and coatings, such as anti-rust paints, porch and deck enamels, and most other synthetic enamels.

    • Cleans up paint equipment immediately after use
    • Medium-fast evaporating
    • Recommended for oil-based paints and anti-rust paints

    Starting at $35.89

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