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Restoration / Disaster Recovery

No matter what the cause of the damage, the first question on the minds of the property owner is always the same, “How soon can we get things back to normal?” 


Jon-Don understands that when disasters strike, it’s often a race against the clock. Restoration professionals can’t afford to wait for the supplies and equipment they need. A fast response is critical to contain the damage and, particularly on water damage jobs, prevent the spread of deadly mold and mildew, and minimize costs. 


With the largest 1- and 2-day shipping zone of any supplier, Jon-Don has the shipping power to fulfill orders fast! We have a huge selection of air movers, dehumidifiers, antimicrobials, moisture meters, and other restoration supplies. So whether you need a single gallon or a few pallets of supplies, you can turn to Jon-Don for all your restoration supply needs. 


Our knowledgeable Restoration Specialists are available to help you select the right products, trouble shoot problems in the field, and make sure you have the support you need from your supplier. After-hours support is also available for restoration emergencies.