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Plastic Chemical Containers, Jugs & Buckets

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  1. Impact 5 Gallon E‑Z® Fill Container With Faucet
    Impact 5 Gallon E‑Z® Fill Container With Faucet
    Filling and pouring your chemical solutions just got easier thanks to this heavy-duty, 5-gallon container. The E-Z Fill features a 63 mm angled front opening for easy filling and a 38 mm top vent opening that accepts standard 3/4" tubing.
    • 5-gallon capacity
    • Faucet/spigot and cap included
    • 1/2-gallon embossed graduations on top and front
    • FDA compliant
  2. 5‑Gallon Container Without Spigot
    5‑Gallon Container Without Spigot
    Only when you forget to bring one along do you realize how important a plastic jug can be on the job! This one stores and transports chemicals safely and offers plenty of space for accurate chemical mixing. Faucet sold separately.
    • 5-gallon capacity plastic container with cap
    • Faucet sold separately
    • Great for storing chemicals
    • Spacious enough for large pre-mix jobs
  3. Tip‑n‑Measure

    This clear plastic jug holds 1 gallon of chemical and offers you graduated measuring markers so you avoid waste. Combine your solutions with water right in this jug and discover how much time you save every time you mix your chemicals.

    • Combine solutions and water in one jug
    • Measures 1 to 8 ounces
    • Ideal for chemicals requiring dilution
    • 1-gallon bottle
  4. 1‑Gallon Empty Jug without Cap
    1‑Gallon Empty Jug without Cap

    This one-gallon capacity jug is great for storing or mixing chemicals. The cap (CA-EGC-EA) is sold separately.

    • Ideal for storage of chemicals; white in color
    • Great for transport from one job to another
    • Allows accurate pre-mixing
  5. 2‑Gallon Jug with Cap
    2‑Gallon Jug with Cap

    Make sure you have plenty of mixing and storage containers on the job to save valuable time. This 2-gallon replacement jug fits the 3M Multi-Sprayer and comes with a cap to safely store and transport unused chemicals.

    • 2-gallon container
    • Comes with storage cap
    • Fits the 3M-AP1-EA Sprayer
  6. Spotting Bottle, 8 Ounce
    Spotting Bottle, 8 Ounce

    These spotting bottles are perfect for applying controlled amounts of chemical to carpet and upholstery. They are light, easy to carry, and eliminate lugging gallon-sized bottles around and overwetting spots. Order several so you always have a backup!

    • 8-ounce, opaque spotting bottle
    • 24/410 thread finish
    • Cap sold separately
    • Made from natural HDPE material
  7. PA-SB16-EA
    Spray Bottle Only

    Our spray bottles are manufactured of translucent plastic, so you can see exactly how much formula you are mixing and how much you have to work with. Triggers are sold separately; most fit this bottle.

    • Available in 16-, 24-, and 32-ounce sizes
    • Use with most trigger heads
    • Translucent plastic to monitor chemical levels
    • 24- and 32-oz bottles feature a graduated scale

    Starting at $0.65

  8. 5‑Gallon Bucket, 90 mil
    5‑Gallon Bucket, 90 mil

    This 90-mil, heavy-duty bucket is ideal for mixing epoxy solutions. It's thick enough to withstand heavy mixing, yet priced to be disposable, too. Bucket color may vary greatly and include white, orange, red, green, blue, and a mix of shades in between.

    • Perfect for mixing epoxy resins
    • Lid sold separately
    • Bucket color may vary
    • Buckets chosen at random to fill orders, specific colors may not be selected

    Starting at $5.25

  9. Utility Pail
    Utility Pail

    This smooth gray plastic bucket features a seamless construction, so there are no tiny cracks that trap dirt and debris. A durable steel handle and molded pour spout make emptying bucket contents easy. Available in 10 or 14 quarts.

    • Available in 10- and 14-quart sizes
    • Durable steel handle
    • Built-in pour spout
    • Molded-in graduated scale

    Starting at $17.95

  10. Rubbermaid Double Pail, 17 Quart, Gray
    Rubbermaid Double Pail, 17 Quart, Gray

    An easy-to-use cleaning system. Double pail for separation of cleaning solution and rinse water.

    • Built-in bail handle
    • Measures 10-1/8" x 13-7/8" x 14-5/8"
    • Gray
  11. O‑Cedar Commercial Utility Pail, Double‑Sided
    O‑Cedar Commercial Utility Pail, Double‑Sided

    This double bucket features two deep wells that are ideal for separating cleaning solution and rinse water for efficient cleaning. It features a molded-in pour spout and plastic grip for reduced splash and easy emptying. Can also be used to transport tools and supplies.

    • Double compartments for separating cleaning and rinsing solution
    • Great for carrying tools and supplies
    • Heavy-duty, chemical-resistant plastic
    • 19-quart capacity
  12. Microfiber Bucket, Blue
    Microfiber Bucket, Blue

    This handy 6-gallon storage bucket features a pour spout and graduations so you always mix the right amount of solution. The handle is designed for use with the microfiber pre-treat system. Note: Lid sold separately.

    • For use with pre-treated microfiber system
    • 6-gallon size
    • Fits in pre-treat dolly, trolley, open cart and locking cart
    • Pour spouts and graduations
    • Lid sold separately
  13. Unger 6‑Gallon ProBucket
    Unger 6‑Gallon ProBucket

    This heavy-duty 6-gallon bucket is designed specifically to make window cleaning easier. It features an ergonomic handle that makes carrying it around the job site or up and down ladders easy and comfortable. Rounded pour spouts on two corners make emptying dirty solution easy and mess-free.

    • Holds 6 gallons of solution
    • Large footprint for better stability
    • Rounded pour spouts on two corners make for easy, mess-free emptying
  14. Mix‑N‑Measure Container
    Mix‑N‑Measure Container

    Mix-N-Measure containers are great single-use containers for mixing epoxy coatings and other chemicals.

    • Available in: 1-QT, 2.5-QT, 5-QT and 10-QT
    • Graduated measuring cups
    • Measure by ounce, quart, and liter

    Starting at $1.74

  15. Measuring Cup, 16 Ounce
    Measuring Cup, 16 Ounce
    Forget the guesswork! Use this clear, 16-ounce measuring cup with easy-to-read markers to avoid making costly mistakes. Measurements are printed in milliliters, ounces, and cups.
    • Measures milliliters, ounces, and cups
    • Clear plastic for ease of reading
    • Holds 16 ounces
  16. 15‑Gallon Mixing Barrel, Kraft GG601
    15‑Gallon Mixing Barrel, Kraft GG601

    This large blue mixing barrel holds up to 15 gallons of material, making it a great choice when working with large quantities of construction materials or self-leveling compound. This durable, lightweight barrel is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

    • High-density polyethylene construction
    • Convenient handles for carrying and pouring
    • Locking lid for easy transport
    • 15 gallon capacity
  17. Lid for 5‑Gallon Bucket
    Lid for 5‑Gallon Bucket

    This lid fits our standard 5-gallon pail (MC-R059-EA). It seals tightly and is made from heavy-duty plastic that resists cracking and chips.

    • Lid only
    • Fits 5-gallon bucket (MC-R059-EA)
    • Made from durable plastic
  18. Replacement Faucet For E‑Z® Fill Container
    Replacement Faucet For E‑Z® Fill Container

    This replacement faucet fits the E-Z Fill Container (CA-5PCS-EA).

    • Fits CA-5PCS-EA
    • 38 mm neck finish
    • White in color
  19. Cap for 5‑Gallon Jug
    Cap for 5‑Gallon Jug

    This cap fits the 5-gallon jug #CA-5PC-EA. It screws on easily and keeps the jug's contents tightly secured.

    • Cap only
    • Fits the 5-gallon jug (CA-5PC-EA)
    • Screws on easily
  20. Poly Drum Faucet
    Poly Drum Faucet

    This ultra-practical plastic faucet attaches to 5-gallon containers via a 3/4-inch threaded opening. If you need to dispense liquids into small containers, you cannot afford to tackle a job without the faucet that closes tight for drip-free transport.

    • Attaches to 5-gallon containers with 3/4-inch openings
    • Dispense contents with ease
    • Drip-free storage
  21. Flip Top Cap for Spotting Bottles (Fits 4 and 8 Ounce Bottles)
    Flip Top Cap for Spotting Bottles (Fits 4 and 8 Ounce Bottles)

    This flip top cap is a replacement top for the 8-ounce spotting bottles. These caps also fit the 4-ounce spray bottles.

    • Fits 8oz spotting bottles
    • Also fits 4oz spotting bottles
    • Made from high-quality plastic
    • Flip top design for easy dispensing
    • Polypropylene material
    • .115″ hole size
    • 24/410 thread finish
  22. Twist Cap for Spray Bottles
    Twist Cap for Spray Bottles

    Made from durable polypropylene, these standard lined twist caps fit most 16, 24 and 32-oz spray bottles (sold separately).

    • Twist cap
    • White in color
    • Fit 16, 24 and 32-oz spray bottles
    • Cap size 28/400
    • Polypropylene material
    • 28/400 thread finish
  23. Empty Gallon Cap
    Empty Gallon Cap

    This replacement cap fits the standard 1-gallon jug #CA-EG-EA. It screws on easily and securely stores the jug contents.

    • Cap only
    • Fits 1-gallon jug #CA-EG-EA
    • Screws on easily
  24. Lid For Tip‑n‑Measure Chemical Mixing Jug (SC300A)
    Lid For Tip‑n‑Measure Chemical Mixing Jug (SC300A)

    This replacement lid fits the Tip-n-Measure chemical mixing jug. It screws on easily, keeping your mixed solutions surely contained within the bottle.

    • Lid only; Tip-n-Measure sold separately
    • Made from durable plastic
    • Screws on easily
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