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VaporSolve Concrete Moisture Mitigation

A Product that Blocks the Moisture Once and for All! Put an end to moisture-related flooring failures with VaporSolve!

When to use VaporSolve:

  • When concrete has a known moisture problem
  • When concrete dries too slowly to meet a specific construction schedule
  • A preventative measure when concrete doesn’t have a vapor retarder and future moisture conditions cannot be predicted
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  1. VaporSolve Primer
    VaporSolve Primer

    VaporSolve Primer is a water-based epoxy material with deep penetration and adhesion to concrete. It has a superior performance to 100% solids remediation materials over contaminated concrete and eliminates or greatly reduces concrete outgassing.

    • For professional use only
    • 3- and 3/4-gallon kits available
    • Water-based
    • Eliminates or greatly reduces concrete outgassing
    • Coverage: 200 sq ft per gallon
    • Kit includes Parts A and B

    Starting at $45.90

  2. VaporSolve® Tie Coat, 2‑Gallon Kit
    VaporSolve® Tie Coat, 2‑Gallon Kit

    VaporSolve Tie Coat is a two-component fast-drying water-based epoxy formulated for use over non-porous surfaces, such as APF's VaporSolve Moisture Remediation Systems. This product ensures the adhesion of subsequently applied cementitious overlays. 

    • For professional use only
    • Formulated for use over non-porous surfaces
    • Dries in 30–60 minutes
    • Provides excellent bonding surface for overlays
    • Easy to use
  3. VaporSolve 100 Standard
    VaporSolve 100 Standard

    VaporSolve 100 Standard is a 100% solid remediation epoxy. It is a very permeable, low viscosity, hydrophobic resin system that cures on damp or wet concrete. It can be used as a single coat remediation system or as a top coat over VaporSolve Primer (Ultra System).

    • For professional use only
    • 1- and 3- gallon kits available
    • Very permeable
    • Low viscosity
    • Includes Parts A and B

    Starting at $70.00

  4. VaporSolve 100 Fast Cure
    VaporSolve 100 Fast Cure

    For projects that need a faster turnaround, turn to VaporSolve 100 Fast Cure. Floors will be dry to the touch in as little as 3 hours, and ready for the final flooring application in 6 hours.

    • For professional use only
    • 3-gallon kit
    • Faster curing
    • Very permeable
    • Low viscosity
  5. VaporSolve Fresh Concentrate
    VaporSolve Fresh Concentrate

    When newly installed concrete dries too slowly to meet a specific construction schedule, the VaporSolve Fresh Concrete System is ideal. The unique water-based epoxy formulation will bond to 6 to 24 hour old concrete and virtually eliminates the evaporation of water from the top of the slab serving as the ultimate curing compound.

    • For professional use only
    • 2-gallon kit
    • Unique water-based epoxy formulation
    • Bonds to 6-24 hour-old concrete
    • Eliminates need for sub-slab vapor retarder, curing compound, and shot blasting
  6. VaporSolve Flex Joint Filler, 3/4 Gallon Kit
    VaporSolve Flex Joint Filler, 3/4 Gallon Kit

    VaporSolve Joint Filler is a non-shrinking, semi-rigid epoxy paste that resists long-term moisture and alkalinity. It quickly fills cracks and joints, preparing concrete that will receive any of the VaporSolve systems.

    • For professional use only
    • 3/4-gallon kit
    • Standard cure
    • Thickened for application to joints and cracks
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