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  1. Inline Aqua Filter
    Inline Aqua Filter

    You and your customers will be amazed at what you pull out of the carpet! This see-through filter shows your customer just how much dirt goes unnoticed and helps reinforce the value of the service you provide.

    • See-through filter lets you and your customers see waste removed during cleaning
    • Keeps your waste tank clean
    • Filters out debris
  2. Hose Hugger
    Hose Hugger

    This handy accessory keeps hoses and power cords neat and ready for use. The heavy-duty strap wraps around cords and hoses and fastens with Velcro. Attached loop allows you to hang or carry hoses easily.

    • Keeps hoses and power cords neat
    • Makes carrying or hanging your hose easier
    • Holds up to 25 feet of vacuum hose
    • Available in two convenient sizes

    Starting at $9.15

  3. Door Guard
    Door Guard

    Tired of customers complaining about your truck mount hoses keeping the front door open? Get the Door Guard! It keeps heat or air conditioning and pets inside, while keeping bugs and inclement weather out! It's lightweight, simple to install, and rolls up neatly to fit in a convenient storage bag. Teal in color.

    • Keeps heat and air conditioning in and pests and cold air out
    • Fits standard doors; 80 inches high
    • Color: Teal
    • Easy to install
    • Comes with storage bag
  4. Hoser Hose Cleaning Tool
    Hoser Hose Cleaning Tool

    Why are you using dirty, dingy hoses? After all, clean hoses help avoid cross contamination! Use The Hoser to remove all that dirty buildup on your hoses.

    • Removes dirt buildup in your vacuum hose
    • Helps avoid cross contamination
    • The ideal tool for truck mount owners
    • Cleans 1-1/2-inch and 2-inch vacuum hose
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  5. Wall Buddy, Corner Guard
    Wall Buddy, Corner Guard

    Protect your customers' walls from costly hose damage to paint and wall coverings with the Wall Buddy. It fits snugly around corners and door jams and provides a reliable barrier between your hose and the wall. Promote a more professional image and impress your customer!

    • Protects corners from costly hose damage
    • Made from non-marking lightweight plastic
    • Color: yellow
  6. Duk Guard Corner Protector, Yellow
    Duk Guard Corner Protector, Yellow

    Don't worry about your customers crying fowl and getting their feathers ruffled over unsightly scratches or marks on their door jams, walls, and stairs from your hoses. Fully extendable Duk Guards to protect your customers' walls and corners from hose damage.

    • Adjustable legs
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Durable
  7. Hose Net
    Hose Net

    This deluxe black hose net with drawstring keeps your hoses and cords organized. Also ideal for laundering mops. Approximate size is 24 x 36 inches. Will hold up to a 1 1/2" x 25' vac hose with solution line and extension cords. Sliding lock included.

    • Organizes hoses and cords
    • Use for laundering mops
    • Black in color
    • Measures approximately 24 x 36 inches
    • Sliding lock included
  8. Hose Stabilizer
    Hose Stabilizer

    Prevent your truck mount hoses from sliding away! This stabilizer is made of 2-inch nylon webbing with a rubberized metal hook. When a job takes you up stairs, use this handy tool to keep your hose secured to a banister or handrail.

    • Keeps hose from slipping away when you head upstairs
    • Rubberized metal hook
    • Secures to a banister
  9. Quick Disconnect Wrap
    Quick Disconnect Wrap

    Avoid injury and pricey lawsuits when you protect both expensive fittings and customer floors and furniture from damage with this insulated, padded wrap! Eliminates burns from hot fittings, too.

    • Fits 1/4-inch couplers
    • Insulates hot fittings to protect against burns
    • Protect floors and furniture
  10. CDV Filter Box
    CDV Filter Box

    Protect your valuable equipment and boost your performance with the CDV! This high-capacity inline filter box is built to withstand the rigors of real-world working conditions.

    • Durable, rotomolded construction
    • See-through view panel shows cleaning progress
    • Molded handle for easy transport and durability
    • Lift-out stainless filter cage removes easily for cleaning
    • Designed for use with any truck
  11. Utility Hose Hanger Standard
    Utility Hose Hanger Standard
    This Utility Hose Hanger exclusively designed for the truck mount van shelf (BL-TMVS-EA). The utility hanger keeps vacuum and solution hose or water hose neat and ready for use. Plated to resist rust. Silver in color.
    • Keeps vacuum and solution hose neat for use
    • Plated to resist rust
    • Color: Silver
  12. Vacuum Hose Strap
    Vacuum Hose Strap

    Sometimes when winding your hose onto the reel or pulling it up stairs, the hose can separate. This handy device keeps your hose securely connected, minimizing headaches and downtime.

    • Keeps vacuum hoses connected
    • Fully adjustable to any size hose
    • Heavy duty construction
  13. Hose Hugger Power Cord
    Hose Hugger Power Cord

    A handy accessory to keep power cords neat and ready for use. Features a heavy-duty strap that wraps around cords and fastens with Velcro. Attached loop allows you to hang or carry power cords easily.

    • Keeps power cords neat
    • Loop allows for easy carrying or hanging
    • Measures 3 x 12 inches
  14. Vac Attack Adapter
    Vac Attack Adapter

    The Vac Attack Adapter connects your 1.5" wand to a 2" vacuum hose. It's simple to use and inexpensive too.

    • Easily connects 1.5" wand to a 2" hose
    • High-quality, durable construction
    • Economical price
  15. 4‑Way Faucet Key
    4‑Way Faucet Key
    This 4-way faucet key gives you instant access to the building's fresh water supply - even when there's no handle on the faucet! Fits most valves and works for 1/4" - 9/32" and 5/16" - 11/32" stems.
    • Helpful accessory for commercial work
    • Provides easy access to building's water supply
    • Even works with faucets with no handle
    • Fits most valves
  16. Faucet to Hose Adapter Kit
    Faucet to Hose Adapter Kit
    Get connected to just about any faucet for clean water supply! This adapter kit provides a connection to 90% of indoor faucets on the market today, allowing you to connect a garden hose and get the clean water you need.
    • Kit fits most indoor faucets
    • Lets you connect a garden hose to almost any indoor faucet
    • Ideal when outdoor water source is unavailable
  17. Ermator Twin Hose Kit with Y‑Hose Connector
    Ermator Twin Hose Kit with Y‑Hose Connector

    Instantly boost your productivity! The Twin Hose Kit allows two operators to simultaneously use hand grinders with a single S26 or S36 Ermator Dust Collector. Kit includes two 16-foot-long, 2-inch wide-hoses, one 4.5-foot long hose, and a 2" x 2" x 2" Y connector.

    • Allows two users to run hand grinders with a single S26 or S36 unit
    • Comes with two large hoses, one small hose and a Y pipe
    • For use with the Ermator S26 or S36
  18. Ermator Y Pipe for Ermator S25, S50 (201000564)
    Ermator Y Pipe for Ermator S25, S50 (201000564)

    This Y Pipe for the Ermator S25 and S50 allows users to simultaneously use two hand grinders or two vacuum hoses with one unit. 

    • For use with Ermator S25 or S50 units
    • Use two hand grinders with one vacuum
    • Connects with 1.4" vacuum hose
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