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Crime-Scene Cleanup Procedures

When the police, medical examiners and investigators leave the scene of a crime or death, professional cleaning and restoration companies often step in to take care of the labor-intensive aftermath cleanup.

In the event of a violent crime or death, there is usually blood and other bodily fluids that require special handling for disposal. Federal regulations deem all bodily fluids to be biohazards and potential sources of infection, which is why crime and trauma scene decontamination is most often performed by professionals who possess the necessary training and permits to transport and dispose of biohazardous waste (e.g., blood, bodily fluids, tissue, etc.).

Professional crime scene cleanup crews do more than clean up the aftermath of a violent death. They often provide services for cleaning out hoarding situations, dead animal/carrion removal (such as an animal that died inside a wall cavity), or methamphetamine lab cleanup. In the case of meth labs, there may be hazardous chemicals or chemical residue present, which is why it is imperative that a professional crime scene cleanup crew perform the work.

Incidents of vandalism may require special cleaning precautions as well. From removing tear gas to cleaning fire extinguisher residue, the professionals who handle this sort of work are not your everyday cleaners.