Butyric / Valeric Acid Odor Removal

Butyric acid, also known as butter acid or valeric acid, is a chemical that has an odor smell of vomit. Ozone and thermo fogging will not remove the odor. Butyric acid may be used in vandalism situations, such as attacks on abortion clinics or vehicle vandalism. This chemical is usually injected through convertible tops of vehicles to introduce the odor, or it is introduced into ventilation systems of buildings, doors, windows, etc.



  1. Test for colorfastness on fabrics. You may have to replace soft fabrics if they are not colorfast.
  2. Wear protective gear, coveralls, shoes with plastic bags secured by rubber bands, a respirator, and rubber gloves. If the odor is in a building, shut down the heating/air conditioning (HVAC) system. A black light may help locate the source of the odor.
  3. Diluted 6 oz of OdorX Liqui-Zone with 1 gallon of water and add 1/2 oz of OdorX Last Resort. Apply with a pump-up sprayer. Do not rinse off. If increased chemical activity is needed, add 1-2 oz of white vinegar to the solution.

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