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Upholstery Cleaning Brushes for Fabric, Furniture & More

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  1. Horsehair Upholstery Brush with Handle
    Horsehair Upholstery Brush with Handle
    The super quality horsehair bristles on this brush absorb and hold solution and provide unequaled agitation without damaging delicate upholstery fabrics.
    • Quality horsehair bristles
    • Provides excellent agitation
    • Performs better than synthetic brushes
  2. Grime Reaper Upholstery Brush
    Grime Reaper Upholstery Brush

    Is pet hair on upholstery driving you crazy? Before you consider driving Fluffy to the groomer, try the Grime Reaper! This upholstery brush features unique bristles that generate an electrostatic charge that grabs and holds onto fine hair for effective removal.

    • Removes pet hair on all types of upholstery
    • Thermoplastic rubber bristles grab and hold fine hairs
    • Thin profile fits into tight corners and crevices
    • Outlasts traditional horsehair brushes
  3. Economy Horsehair Upholstery Brush
    Economy Horsehair Upholstery Brush

    This brush features real horsehair bristles on a plastic block. Measures 6" x 2".

    • Horsehair bristles on a plastic block
    • Measures 6 inches x 2 inches
  4. Velvet Brush
    Velvet Brush

    The velvet brush is indispensable for finishing velvets after wet cleaning. It features unique fine-combed anodized aluminum bristles that prevent the fabric from drying stiff. This brush helps restore the velvet's soft texture and plush appearance. Measures 5" x 2".

    • Wood block with fine-combed anodized aluminum bristles
    • Prevents velvet from drying stiff
    • Measures 5" x 2"
  5. Brass Upholstery Brush
    Brass Upholstery Brush

    This traditional velvet brush is made with brass bristles set into a maple block. The handle design allows for "off-to-the-side" brushing action that provides quick and easy “fluffing” of velvets after cleaning.

    • Stands and separates velvet weaves
    • Prevent velvets from drying stiff
    • Fluff velvets after cleaning
  6. Upholstery Brush, Plastic
    Upholstery Brush, Plastic
    This handy upholstery brush features stiff plastic bristles that are flared to easily clean along edges and in corners. The ergonomically contoured plastic block measures 2 1/2" wide x 6" long.
    • Stiff plastic flared bristles
    • Measures 2 1/2 inches wide x 6 inches long
    • Ergonomically contoured plastic
  7. Tampico Scrub Brush
    Tampico Scrub Brush

    This multi-use upholstery scrub brush is constructed of dense white tampico fill. It tackles wet and dry fabric, but it is particularly great for getting into corners thanks to its compact size (9" x 2").

    • 9 inches x 2 inches
    • Dense white tampico fill
    • Pointed end
    • Ideal for upholstery
  8. Handi Brush
    Handi Brush

    The Handi Brush features fine nylon bristles that are tufted and closely aligned, making it great for removing pet hair from upholstery and agitating during the cleaning process.

    • Great for removing pet hair from upholstery
    • Nylon bristles
    • Great for agitation during cleaning
  9. Leather Cleaning Brush
    Leather Cleaning Brush
    Treat the leather customers treasure with this brush designed specifically to provide the gentle agitation necessary to clean top-coated leathers. If used properly, the natural fibers in this brush will never scratch even the most delicate leather furniture. Block measures 4" x 4". Handle measures 4 1/2".
    • Soft, natural fibers prevent scratching
    • Specially designed for gentle leather agitation
    • Comfort-grip handle
  10. Leather Buffing Mitt
    Leather Buffing Mitt
    Leather has never been a more popular choice, so you will want to pamper your customers' furnishings with this 8" cloth mitt that has been specially designed for buffing leather or cleaning upholstery. Your hand will fit neatly inside, giving you full control. Recommended for fabric upholstery, too.
    • Cloth mitt
    • Designed for buffing leather
    • Measures 8 inches in diameter
    • Hand fits inside for full control
  11. Nylon Spotting Brush, Large, Black
    Nylon Spotting Brush, Large, Black

    This large black spotting brush is ideal for helping spotting solutions to penetrate thick carpet fibers. Use it to tamp chemicals deep into fibers or brush it across the surface for light agitation. The stiff bristles are set within a chisel-shaped wood handle.

    • Stiff bristles
    • Chisel-shaped handle
    • Use on stains that need extra agitation
  12. Nylon Spotting Brush
    Nylon Spotting Brush

    This 10-inch-long spotting brush features short, stiff white nylon bristles that stand up well against daily tamping and brushing activities. Use this brush for agitating spotting solutions for thorough cleaning performance.

    • Ideal for use on tough spots
    • Stiff nylon bristles maximize your results
    • 10 inches long
  13. Rug Rat Air Driven Powerhead
    Rug Rat Air Driven Powerhead

    This turbine-powered hand brush cleans and grooms carpeting, steps, upholstery and auto interiors. NOT FOR USE WITH TRUCK MOUNTS.

    • Turbine-powered agitator
    • 6-inch wide cleaning path
    • Fits standard 1-1/4-inch hoses
    • Edge cleaning
    • No batteries or electric power cord needed
  14. Sale
    Hand Bonnet, 8 Inch
    Hand Bonnet, 8 Inch

    The Hand Bonnet is an excellent tool for foam shampooing upholstery. Simply dip this 8" bonnet into a shampoo solution and wring it out to produce the amount of dry or wet foam desired. The Hand Bonnet is great for hard-to-clean arms, corners, etc. Made from a polyester/rayon blend material.

    • 8-inch diameter
    • Polyester/rayon blend material
    • Ideal for hard-to-clean arms, corners, etc.
    • No pockets
    Regular Price $9.13 Special Price $8.91
  15. Hand Bonnet with Stripe, 8 Inch
    Hand Bonnet with Stripe, 8 Inch

    This 8" bonnet provides extra agitation with a scrubbing strip for more heavily soiled upholstery. It also features a pocket for your hand to make spotting easier.

    • 8-inch diameter
    • Polyester/rayon blend material
    • Provides extra agitation
  16. Armaly Brands ProPlus® 7"‑8" Natural Sea Wool Sponge
    Armaly Brands ProPlus® 7"‑8" Natural Sea Wool Sponge

    Combining excellent absorbency and durability with extreme softness, these Wool Sea Sponges are the ultimate choice when tasked with cleaning delicate upholstery or silks. All-natural and 100% biodegradable, these sponges provide excellent foam control and inhibit bacterial growth.

    • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces and fabrics
    • Soft, durable, highly absorbent
    • All-natural, 100% biodegradable
    • Naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria
    • Size, shape, and color may vary
  17. Drapery Brush
    Drapery Brush

    This highly effective brush gently removes dust and dry soils from draperies prior to cleaning them.

    • Removes dust and dry soils
    • Gentle on draperies
  18. Drapery Clamp
    Drapery Clamp

    The Drapery Clamp allows you to clean drapery and other fabrics without wrinkling when used properly.

    • Clean without wrinkling
    • Clean draperies with ease
    • Same-day shipping!
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