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Replacement Valves, Couplers and Fittings

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  1. Valve, PMF V800 Soft Touch
    Valve, PMF V800 Soft Touch
    V800 Soft touch valve from PMF.
    • Production Metal Forming
    • Easy Touch Valve
    • Pressure Rated to 1000PSI
  2. K‑Valve 1200 PSI with Handle
    K‑Valve 1200 PSI with Handle

    This 1,200 PSI valve has a 30-degree bend to the rear side of the valve and two mounting holes. It also includes a handle and is stamped 251-30 on the bottom nut of the valve.

    • 30-degree angle on rear valve
    • Two mounting holes
    • Includes handle
  3. Schrader Valve Repair Kit
    Schrader Valve Repair Kit

    The Schrader Valve Repair Kit includes a cap with stem and O-rings plus an O-ring for the cap and spring.

    • Complete repair kit for Schrader valve
  4. Valve, Schrader Complete
    Valve, Schrader Complete

    This Schrader valve is made from brass and handles working pressures up to 800 PSI. It features four mounting tabs and a 1/4" inlet/outlet.

    • Brass construction
    • 1/4" inlet/outlet
    • 4 mounting tabs
    • Handles up to 800 PSI
  5. Schrader Wand Valve Kit
    Schrader Wand Valve Kit

    O-Rings for steam & cap only

    • O-ring kit for Schrader valve
  6. Valve, Paraplate P1800
    Valve, Paraplate P1800

    Paraplate Valve P1800 with 1/4-inch fittings.

    • Paraplate valve
    • 800 PSI
    • Cast Brass
  7. Detail/Economy Hand Tool Valve
    Detail/Economy Hand Tool Valve

    This is a PMF 400 PSI valve complete with trigger. Hanger sold separately.

    • Valve
    • Aluminum
    • 400 PSI
  8. Kingston K‑Valve Repair Kit (251‑30RK)
    Kingston K‑Valve Repair Kit (251‑30RK)

    This is the valve repair kit for the Kingston 251-30 valve rated to 1,200 PSI.

  9. Valve, 1000 PSI Complete
    Valve, 1000 PSI Complete

    This 1000 PSI Kingston valve has a 1/4" female threads on the inlet and outlet sides of the valve. Valve complete with trigger.

    • Kingston valve
    • 1/4-inch fittings
  10. Coupler, Safety 1/4‑Inch FPT x 1/4‑Inch FQD
    Coupler, Safety 1/4‑Inch FPT x 1/4‑Inch FQD

    This female quick coupler features a high-impact plastic covering that protects the coupler from getting broken, the customer's hard floors from being chipped or scratched, and the operator from getting painful burns.

    • Plastic covering prevents burns
    • Dual viton seals
    • Available in female only
  11. Coupler, 3/8"FPT x 3/8"MQD
    Coupler, 3/8"FPT x 3/8"MQD

    This 3/8" male quick coupler is most commonly used on water inlets and water softening systems.

    • Male quick coupler
    • Brass
    • 3/8"
  12. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD
    Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD

    Our most popular male quick disconnect plug! This brass coupler features heavy-duty double O-rings and works in all high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

    • Male connection
    • Double O-rings prevent leaking
    • Brass construction
  13. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"FQD
    Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"FQD

    The most common female quick disconnect for the carpet cleaning industry. The 1/4", brass, female coupler is equipped with double EPDM seals which are resistant to high pressure, high temperature, all but solvent based chemicals and abrasion.

    • Double EPDM O-Rings
    • Brass Construction
    • 1/4"
  14. K‑Valve Nut 500 PSI
    K‑Valve Nut 500 PSI

    K & P Valve Nut Only

    • Valve nut
  15. Flow Control K‑Valve
    Flow Control K‑Valve

    This Flow Control K-Valve is rated at pressures up to 500 PSI. This part is easily rebuildable.

    • Withstands pressures up to 500 PSI
    • Easily rebuildable
  16. Soft Touch Valve, Brass, 1200 PSI
    Soft Touch Valve, Brass, 1200 PSI

    This “soft opening” control valve works with just about any carpet cleaning wand and handles up to 1,200 PSI (1,500 PSI for stainless steel). It allows you to throttle the valve at any pressure while taking the stress off your hands for easier, fatigue-free easier operation—even at 1,000 PSI!

    • "Soft opening" valve requires less hand pressure
    • Designed for 1,200 PSI (1,500 PSI stainless steel)
    • Easy to install; works with most wands
    • Stainless steel ball and Teflon seat
  17. Plastic Knuckle (49546)
    Plastic Knuckle (49546)

    Plastic locking knuckle for vacuum wand.

    • Plastic knuckle, vacuum wand
  18. ShopVac Top Motor Latch (8550101)
    ShopVac Top Motor Latch (8550101)
    Motor latch for 10 gallon ShopVac
    • ShopVac
    • Motor latch
    • For Use with 10 Gallon Shop Vac
  19. Prochem Waste Tank Draw Latch
    Prochem Waste Tank Draw Latch

    This waste tank draw latch is designed to fit all Prochem waste tanks.

  20. Century 400 Ninja Warrior Hinge Bracket (8.631‑201.0)
    Century 400 Ninja Warrior Hinge Bracket (8.631‑201.0)
    Solution tank lid hinge for Ninja Warrior.
    • Century 400
    • Solution Tank Hinge
    • For All Ninja Warrior Units
  21. Injectidry Panel T Connector
    Injectidry Panel T Connector

    This Injectidry panel T connector has attached hose cuffs. It is designed for use with Injectidry systems.

    • InjectiDry
    • Panel T Connector
    • For Use with InjectiDry
  22. Injectidry Main AIR OUT Quick Connect
    Injectidry Main AIR OUT Quick Connect

    This Injectidry Quick Connect fits the Main AIR OUT side.

  23. Injectidry Main AIR IN Quick Connect
    Injectidry Main AIR IN Quick Connect

    This Injectidry Quick Connect fits the Main Air IN side.

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