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Rotary Carpet Cleaning Extractors, Machines & Scrubbers

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  1. Rotovac Bonzer™
    Rotovac Bonzer™

    The Rotovac Bonzer is a unique cleaning wand that will supercharge your productivity on every job. The extraction head creates a sealed "cleaning zone" that prevents heat loss and overspray, cleans in both directions, and leaves carpet cleaner and drier than a traditional wand!

    • 5 forward-facing and 2 rear-facing jets
    • Teflon glides on front and back of cleaning head
    • Adjustable ergonomic dual-grip handle
    • Works with truck mounts and portables
    • Weighs only 17 pounds
  2. Hydro‑Force CX‑15 Carpet Cleaning Tool
    Hydro‑Force CX‑15 Carpet Cleaning Tool

    The CX-15 rotary cleaner is a crossover tool that bridges the gap between wand cleaning and powered rotary cleaning. Water pressures between 400-800 PSI power the high-speed spinning action of twin jets to make over 4,000 cleaning passes per minute.

    • Blasts dirt away at a rate of 4,000 cleaning passes per minute
    • Hydro-Glide and smooth chamber design for faster drying
    • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
    • 400-800 PSI
    • Commercial and residential spray bars included
  3. HydraMaster RX‑20 NEXTGEN, Rotary Jet Extractor
    HydraMaster RX‑20 NEXTGEN, Rotary Jet Extractor

    If you liked the original model, you're going to love the RX-20 NEXTGEN. Not only does it deliver over 650 cleaning passes per minute, but now this powerful rotary extractor features a more ergonomic user-friendly design, onboard crevice tool, and enhanced deep cleaning power.

    • Makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute
    • 3 spray jets with 5 vacuum slots
    • Side-to-side motion eliminates operator fatigue
    • 130 RPM; 1/2 HP
    • New enhancements for improved ergonomics and performance
  4. Rotovac 360i
    Rotovac 360i

    Tired of back-breaking wand pushing? The Rotovac 360i features a patent-pending rotary extraction power head equipped with rotary vacuum heads that make HUNDREDS of multi-directional cleaning passes, thoroughly deep cleaning carpet from all directions.

    • Variable speed motor control: 0–250 RPM
    • Hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes
    • Telescoping handle
    • Easy push button handle adjustment
    • High torque gear motor
  5. Rotovac 360XL™
    Rotovac 360XL™

    The Rotovac 360XL features a rotary vacuum head with 4 spray jets that deliver solution in hundreds of directions. Four powerful vacuum ports then extract the dirty solution away, leaving carpet looking absolutely clean and rejuvenated.

    • Cleans in hundreds of multi-directional passes
    • 4 spray jets, 4 vacuum ports
    • Swoop Glide vacuum shoes ensure smooth operation
    • Collapses easy for storage or transport
    • Weighs just 68 lbs
  6. Rotovac Powerwand
    Rotovac Powerwand

    Tired of cleaning carpet the "old fashioned" way? It's time to upgrade to the Rotovac Powerwand! With six vacuum heads and six spray jets rotating at 250 RPM, the Rotovac makes 1,500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute!

    • Patented rotary jet extraction heads
    • Makes 1,500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute
    • 50 to 500 PSI
    • Lightweight, only 38 lbs!
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