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HydraMaster RX‑20 NEXTGEN, Rotary Jet Extractor

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Product Highlights

If you liked the original model, you're going to love the RX-20 NEXTGEN. Not only does it deliver over 650 cleaning passes per minute, but now this powerful rotary extractor features a more ergonomic user-friendly design, onboard crevice tool, and enhanced deep cleaning power.
  • Makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute
  • 3 spray jets with 5 vacuum slots
  • Side-to-side motion eliminates operator fatigue
  • 130 RPM; 1/2 HP
  • New enhancements for improved ergonomics and performance
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Product Description

The HydraMaster RX-20 NEXTGEN – the World’s Best Rotary Extractor is Now Better than Ever!


If you liked the original model, you’re going to love the HydraMaster RX-20 NEXTGEN. Not only does it deliver over 650 cleaning passes per minute, but now this powerful rotary extractor features a more ergonomic user-friendly design, onboard crevice tool, and enhanced deep cleaning power.


Powerful Rotary Jet Extraction Cleaning
The RX-20 NEXTGEN features three spray jets matched with five vacuum slots that spin at a high rate of speed. Unlike traditional carpet wands that only clean with a forward and backward stroke, the RX-20 NEXTGEN makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute, cleaning the carpet fiber from FIVE different angles.


The RX-20 NEXTGEN delivers superior agitation and, combined with the unit’s weight, achieves a deeper, more thorough clean. It extracts the most deeply embedded soils and cleaning solution, then lifts the carpet fiber, fluffing and restoring the pile. The result is cleaner, healthier, better-looking carpet that dries in record time!


Self-Propelled for Easier Operation
Cleaning carpet with a traditional wand can be back-breaking work, which is why so many professionals love the self-propelled RX-20 NEXTGEN. It smoothly glides over the carpet while the rotary extraction head does all the work.


Just a slight change of balance on the handle is all you need to gently sweep the RX-20 NEXTGEN back and forth over the carpet—a fraction of the effort needed to scrub with a heavy wand.


Powerful Extraction Ideal for Restoration Work
Though it was originally designed for carpet cleaning, the RX-20 NEXTGEN has also proved to be an outstanding tool on water loss restoration jobs. It has an incredible ability to extract standing water, especially on glue-down commercial carpet.


An independent water extraction test by a leading trade association found that heavier rotary extraction wands like the RX-20 NEXTGEN did a better job extracting water from glue-down carpets than many wands specifically designed for water extraction only!


Even on residential carpet, the HydraMaster RX-20 NEXTGEN outperformed many extraction-only flood tools—and it’s easy to see why. The RX-20 NEXTGEN makes multiple passes over the carpet for a higher level of water extraction. And since it’s so easy to use, it reduces user fatigue and works consistently from the start of a job right up through the end.


Key Enhancements for Better Operation
HydraMaster engineers listened to the feedback from cleaning and restoration contractors worldwide and went to work implementing important design changes that improve ergonomics and performance.


  • Adjustable ergonomic handle.
    The handle of the RX-20 NEXTGEN is easier to handle and more comfortable to operate. A new spring-loaded locking mechanism makes it a cinch for users to adjust the handle for maximum comfort. 

  • Improved controls.
    Extra fingertip controls now allow for right- or -left-handed operation. So you can continue to keep the machine working with one hand while pulling cords with the other.

  • Detailed onboard operating instructions.
    Training new technicians is easier than ever thanks to detailed onboard operating instructions that show step-by-step procedures for start of day, end of day, and periodic maintenance. New techs can quickly get up to speed and troubleshoot operating issues on their own for reduced downtime and fewer mistakes.

  • Onboard clear tube crevice tool.
    The new removable crevice tools gives operators the ability to tackle edges and corners while the machine is running. And since the tube is clear, you and your customer can watch as dirty solution and debris is removed from their carpet.

  • New lift handle.
    A new lifting handle has been installed in the back of the machine giving the user an additional grab point for hoisting the unit into a vehicle.

  • Smooth wheels.
    The grooved wheels on the RX-20 NEXTGEN have been replaced with smooth plastic wheels that don’t pick up dirt and debris as they roll. This prevents abrasive rocks and sand from being tracked in where they can scratch delicate floors and leave a mess.


After your first job, you’ll see why the HydraMaster RX-20 is the one rotary extraction tool that over 10,000 professional carpet cleaners swear by. 

Technical Specifications

Application Carpet
Material Carpet
Weight 70 - 79
Category Rotary Extraction Machines
Amps 8.6
Cord Length 50 ft.
Number of Jets 3
Brand HydraMaster
Condition new

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