HydraMaster Boxxer 427 Truck Mount Replacement Parts


Cat Pumps Thermo Valve, 165 Degree, 1/2"M (7145)
Spraying Systems SKU# CP-7145-EA
In stock
Adapter, 2"NPT x 2"F‑Slip
HydraMaster SKU# HM-052219-EA
In stock
Barb Elbow, 2"H x 2"FPT 90 Degree
HydraMaster SKU# HM-052222-EA
In stock
Adapter, 3/8"FQD x FGH Brass
HydraMaster SKU# HM-052247-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Gauge, HM Pressure
HydraMaster SKU# HM-074007-EA
In stock
Vacuum Stopper Kit
Castex SKU# HM-078039-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
Trim Lok, 5/8  x 1/8 (Sold per Foot)
Castex SKU# HM-131021-EA
In stock
Switch, HM Rocker
HydraMaster SKU# HM-157040-EA
In stock
Dema Engineering High Temp Dump Solenoid (453P‑12V)
HydraMaster SKU# HM-169082-EA
In stock
Regulator, 0‑1500 PSI
HydraMaster SKU# HM-169083-EA
In stock
Orifice, HydraMaster Bypass
HydraMaster SKU# HM-180004-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Orifice, High Temp
Castex SKU# HM-180006-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
Cat Pump Crankcase Oil ISO 68 (6107)
Cat Pumps SKU# MP-190200-EA
Clear Braid Hose, 5/16" (RPV‑ 5)
Blue Book SKU# MP-LPCBH516-EA
In stock
Barb, 1/8"MPT x 5/16"H Brass
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# PC-12800093-EA
In stock
Ball‑Valve, 3 Way Chemical Selector
Prochem SKU# PC-15808022-EA
In stock
Valve, Chemical Metering
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# PC-15808106-EA
In stock
Dwyer Instruments FlowMeter (VFA‑42)
Prochem SKU# PC-18808513-EA
In stock
12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)
Prochem SKU# PC-41809132-EA
In stock
O‑Ring Check Valve Assembly
Prochem SKU# PC-43810079-EA
In stock
GoodYear Matchmaker Belt (AX38)
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# PC-44802250-EA
In stock
Float Switch, Recovery Tank
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# PC-61950621-EA
In stock
Brass Adapter, FGH x 3/8"M (194‑C)
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# SS-89GH126-EA
In stock
Hose, Winterizing and Descaling
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# MP-TMWH-EA
In stock