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Orifice, HydraMaster Bypass

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  • HydraMaster
  • .033" Orifice
  • 5/16" Allen Head Stainless Steel
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Product Information

A bypass orifice works to maintain temperature control by continuously bypassing a small amount of water through the system. This bypassed water is enough to keep the temperature from peaking and damaging the machine but little enough as not to negatively affect water pressure. The orifice is a 5/16" stainless steel Allen type set screw with a small hole drilled through the center. This is a 0.033 orifice.



More Information
Model Boxxer Series|CDS Series|Maxx Series
Material Stainless Steel
Brand HydraMaster
Dimensions 3/8-16 Machine Thread
Category Thermal Components
Condition new