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Cleaning Brick or Stone Surfaces Affected by Smoke Damage

Procedure - Alkaline Cleaning

  1. Remove dry soil with a HEPA vacuum and dusting brush.
  2. Using pump-up sprayer and your alkaline stone cleaner, spray a 3' x 3' area (start at the bottom and work your way up).
  3. Using a nylon brush, agitate the sprayed area.
  4. Rinse with clear water.


Procedure - Acid Wash

Acid washing will remove a microscopic layer of the brick/masonry facing, making it more vulnerable to moisture. It is recommend that a sealer be applied to any exterior masonry/brick after acid washing.


WARNING:  Never use muriatic acid on stone or masonry.  Acid will etch most stone/brick/masonry surfaces. Avoid uneven or prolonged contact because etching, uneven cleaning, or streaking can result.


  1. Prepare a diluted solution of your acid-based cleaner.
  2. Using a pump-up sprayer, spray a small area (no larger than 3' x 3'). Immediately lightly agitate the area.
  3. Rinse well with clean water

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  1. Unsmoke Degrease‑All Degreaser
    Unsmoke Degrease‑All Degreaser

    Degrease-All offers a special blend of tough cleaning agents formulated to remove silt and soot from walls, fixtures, sealed wood, painted surfaces, yet gentle enough to be used as a traffic lane cleaner. It also removes heavy smoke odors.

    • Multi-surface degreaser
    • Highly effective for removing soot
    • pH: 12.3 (RTU 11.0)
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Various dilution options

    Starting at $37.86

  2. Matrix® Grout Devil Tile, Grout & Hard Surface Cleaner
    Matrix® Grout Devil Tile, Grout & Hard Surface Cleaner

    Grout Devil is an amazing alkaline, water-based formula that easily tackles the toughest soil and grease buildup, leaving grout lines clean and bright.

    • Powers through dirty floors and grout
    • Restores smoke-damaged hard surfaces
    • pH: 12.4
    • For use on tile, grout and more!
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at $30.59

  3. Prochem Wide Range Industrial Cleaner
    Prochem Wide Range Industrial Cleaner
    The chemists at Prochem chose the name Wide Range for a reason! This super-active, heavy-duty, high-pH degreaser/cleaner performs miracles at fire and flood restoration sites. It confidently stands up to the biggest challenges these disasters can produce.
    • Effective for regular cleaning as well as tough restoration jobs
    • Cuts grease and oil
    • pH: 12-12.4
    • For use on hard surfaces
    • Dilute 1-32 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at $36.39

  4. Viper Renew Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner
    Viper Renew Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner

    Viper Renew is used when all other cleaners have failed, and is a safer alternative than aggressive acids, like phosphoric acid and muratic acid.

    • Remove embedded soil with ease
    • Twice as effective as ordinary acidic cleaners
    • pH: 1.0
    • For use on ceramic tile and grout
    • Dilute 1 gallon per gallon of water

    Starting at $45.72

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