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Matrix® Grout Devil Tile, Grout & Hard Surface Cleaner

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Matrix® Grout Devil Tile, Grout & Hard Surface Cleaner (1 GL)
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4gl Grout Devil
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  • Powers through dirty floors and grout
  • Restores smoke-damaged hard surfaces
  • pH: 12.4
  • For use on tile, grout and more!
  • Variable dilutions

Product Information

Grout Devil Is the Only Tile and Grout Cleaner You'll Ever Need.


  • Clean Grout
  • Brighten Tile
  • Dissolve Soot

Grout Devil is an alkaline, water-based cleaner specially formulated to dissolve layer after layer of soil and grease buildup, leaving grout lines clean and bright. If you perform hard surface cleaning jobs, this is one product you shouldn't be without.


Not only does Grout Devil make fast work of dull, dirty grout, it's also a highly effective all-around tile and hard surface cleaner. Try it on dirty floors with caked-on soil or grease. You'll be amazed at how quickly the most stubborn dirt and soils will disappear.


Grout Devil's uses don't end there. It can also be used as a powerful pre-treatment additive that boosts the results of other cleaning agents. Simply add 8 oz to any ready-to-use cleaning solution and clean as usual. The results will blow you away!


Grout Devil even restores smoke-damaged hard surfaces to pre-loss condition and prepares hard surfaces for painting. Grout Devil's high alkalinity combined with aggressive solvents removes the smallest soil and soot particles, preparing the surface for better paint adhesion.


Do not use on furniture. Keep away from glass, aluminum, and stainless steel.




  • For hard surfaces: 4-32 oz per gallon of water
  • To boost cleaning: 8 oz per gallon of ready-to-use cleaning solution
  • Spotter: 4 oz per 28 oz of water


Usage Instructions:

  1. Always pretest in an inconspicuous area for color fastness.

For Hard Surfaces: 

  1. Dilute 4 oz of Grout Devil per gallon water to a maximum or 32 oz per gallon of water depending on severity of soiling.
  2. Apply by spraying on.
  3. Keep wet.
  4. Scrub grout with brush if necessary.
  5. For dirtier grout, repeat.
  6. Wet vacuum and rinse with water.
  7. To clean smoke-damaged walls and counters, first remove excess or loose dirt, grease, smoke, or soot by using a chemical sponge. Then dilute and apply as described above.

To Boost Cleaning: 

  1. Add 8 oz of Grout Devil per gallon of ready-to-use cleaning solution.
  2. Clean as usual.

To Use as an All-Purpose Spotter: 

  1. Dilute 4 oz of Grout Devil per 28 oz of water.
  2. Apply to spot.
  3. Agitate with bone spatula.
  4. Blot with clean white towel.


More Information
Ingredients Ingredients List
Material Grout|Tile
Category Grout Cleaners, Shaw Approved
pH 13.0
Brand Matrix
Application Method Solution Additive
Approved Use Janitorial Use - General Cleaning
Type Liquid
Condition new
Manual / Schematic
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)