Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Businesses and commercial facilities everywhere depend on creating a positive impression on customers and prospective clients who enter their buildings, and nothing ruins a good impression faster than dirty, yellowing, or stained carpeting. Coffee spills, asphalt yellowing, food stains, cooking oils, grease, and tracked-in dirt can significantly diminish carpet’s appearance. 


In order to protect the life of the carpet and maintain a clean and pleasant appearance, it is highly recommended that commercial facilities adopt a routine maintenance program that incorporates regularly scheduled carpet cleanings. Proper and consistent carpet maintenance extends the life of the carpet, promotes a healthy indoor environment, and protects the aesthetic appeal of the building.


No two buildings are alike, so a routine maintenance program should be tailored to meet the needs of the facility. However, all commercial carpet maintenance programs should incorporate the following:


  • Regular dry soil removal – The majority of soil in carpet is dry and should be removed with a quality vacuum cleaner. High traffic areas should be vacuumed daily while light traffic areas may only need to be vacuumed 1-2 times per week. Walk-off mats placed at the entrances of buildings trap soil at the door, reducing the amount that gets tracked onto the carpet.
  • Interim cleanings – In addition to dry soils, carpets also accumulate greasy, oily soils that require periodic cleaning to remove. Interim maintenance methods for commercial carpet include:
    • Encapsulation
    • Absorbent pad (bonnet pad)
    • Dry foam
  • Routine deep cleanings– While interim carpet cleanings can help maintain a high level of appearance on commercial carpeting, deep cleanings must still be performed to remove deep imbedded soiling. Deep cleaning methods for commercial carpeting include:
    • Hot water extraction
    • Shampoo 


Professional carpet cleaners, building service contractors, and in-house service providers can depend on Jon-Don for the chemicals, tools, and equipment they need to clean and maintain the carpet in any type of business or commercial institution. From low-moisture encapsulation cleaning to bonnet shampooing or traditional hot water extraction, Jon-Don is your one-stop shop for all your commercial carpet care needs. 


Training Opportunity: The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCMT) training course guides professional cleaners step by step on how to deliver the quality and performance clients demand. This course delves into how commercial carpet differs from residential in construction, backings, and how installation can affect the cleaning. Sales and marketing tips are covered, and the importance of regular maintenance programs is stressed. This course qualifies for IICRC certification and Continuing Education Credits.