Directions for Cleaning Olefin Carpet

Olefin is an oil-loving fiber made from synthetic polypropylene. It is an inexpensive synthetic fiber and is commonly found in commercial settings, such as office areas.


Olefin is popular due to its ability to resist staining. It is solution dyed, meaning the dye is consistent throughout the fiber, so there are no dye sites for other dyes to attack. For this reason, it cannot be dyed on location.


Olefin is susceptible to heat and will melt in the presence of high heat. To avoid damage, keep the temperature down to less than 212°F.


Due to its oil-loving properties, olefin attracts oil, which can “yellow out” the fiber. This yellowing is difficult if not impossible to remove.


The Olefin Fiber Test: Olefin is lighter than water. To determine if a fiber is olefin, simply put the fiber in a glass of water and see if it floats!


Cleaning Directions:

  1. Vacuum the entire carpeted area.
  2. Using a pump-up sprayer, apply Matrix Olefin Traffic Lane Cleaner diluted at 4–6 oz per gallon of water.
  3. Using a portable or truck mount, extract the area with Matrix All Fiber Rinse diluted at 4–6 oz per gallon of water.
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