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Urine Removal from Carpet


How to Remove Urine from Carpet

When urine comes out of the body, it is mainly comprised of bodily acids, making this an acid-based spot. If handled in the first 24 hours, a regular alkaline cleaning can remove most urine deposits from the carpet.


As urine sits on the fiber, it turns into an alkaline and is riddled with alkaline salts. This high alkalinity can eventually remove the coloring in the carpet, producing a bleaching effect. If this bleaching has occurred, little can be done to remove it other than repairing the carpet or spot dyeing.


The following procedure should follow your cleaning and/or odor removal procedure. This procedure is to strictly remove the stain; it does not address cleaning and/or odor removal.



Option One:

  1. Rinse area with water, leaving carpet as dry as possible by using multiple vacuum-only wand strokes and blotting dry with a towel.
  2. Mix equal parts of solutions A & B of Matrix Advanced Stain Remover.
  3. Apply Matrix Advanced Stain Remover evenly to stained fibers using a trigger sprayer.


Option Two:

  1. Clean area thoroughly. 
  2. Spray Matrix Bad Dog full strength on stain and cover with plastic.
    Stain may take several hours to disappear.


Warning: Always follow label directions, and never mix product unless specified in the label directions.

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  1. Matrix Bad Dog Urine Stain Remover
    Matrix® Bad Dog Urine Stain Remover

    Every carpet cleaner has been there—the home with small dogs that leave tiny puddles all over the carpet. When faced with those unsightly yellow stains, it's time to use the powerful, self-neutralizing stain remover homeowners call by name, "BAD DOG!"

    • Removes the toughest urine stains and odors
    • Powerful and self-neutralizing
    • pH: 4.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • RTU (Ready-to-use)

    Starting at $25.17

  2. Matrix® Advanced Stain Remover
    Matrix® Advanced Stain Remover

    Advanced Stain Remover (ASR) is a 2-part stain removal solution that will work magic on most stains caused by coffee, urine, tea, and many other difficult-to-remove discolorations.

    • Alters stain chemically so it disappears
    • Eliminates coffee, urine, tea, and other discolorations
    • pH: 9.0 when mixed
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Mix equal parts A and B solution

    Starting at $18.15

  3. Matrix® Urine Pre‑Conditioner
    Matrix® Urine Pre‑Conditioner

    Urine Pre-Conditioner removes odor while breaking up and liquefying deposits for fast decontamination. This pre-treatment can be used on wet-cleanable carpet, upholstery, draperies, bedding, mattresses, and clothing.

    • Breaks up urine deposits for fast removal
    • Multi-surface use
    • pH: 0.5–1.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Dilute 8–24 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at $18.54

  4. Dual Chamber Sprayer for Matrix® ASR
    Dual Chamber Sprayer for Matrix® ASR
    No more mixing! The dual chamber trigger sprayer makes life easier by mixing two-part products like ASR. This sprayer comes pre-labeled with the directions and safety information for ASR. Simply pour Solution A and Solution B into the appropriate chambers, and then you're ready to apply Matrix ASR with the squeeze of a trigger.
    • No more mixing
    • Easily combine 2-part products!
    • Note: Chemical not included
  5. Chemspec® Urine Contamination Treatment
    Chemspec® Urine Contamination Treatment

    Chemspec Urine Contamination Treatment (UCT) is a powerful product that handles a variety of stubborn pet odor situations. UCT contains 22 different urine-fighting ingredients and can be used effectively on carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

    • Great on carpet and hard surfaces
    • Neutralizes malodors
    • pH: 6.5–7.5
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at $39.14

  6. Pro's Choice USR (Urine Stain Remover)
    Pro's Choice USR (Urine Stain Remover)

    When you've done your best cleaning and a yellow urine stain remains, Pro's Choice Urine Stain Remover is the answer. Simply spray on the stain and watch it disappear!

    • Spray urine stains and watch them disappear
    • Self-neutralizing on synthetic fibers
    • pH: 4.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Ready to use

    Starting at $25.17

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