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Sapphire Scientific 370 Truck Mount Replacement Parts


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  1. Y Strainer for Prochem Truck Mounts
    Y Strainer for Prochem Truck Mounts

    Y Strainer used on all Prochem truck mounts.

    • Brass Y-Strainer
  2. Filter Screen, Bypass Manifold Brass
    Filter Screen, Bypass Manifold Brass
    Brass bypass manifold filter screen.
    • Brass
    • Filter Screen
    • 20-015
  3. Seat Teflon
    Seat Teflon

    Seat Teflon

    • Teflon seat
  4. Poppet, Check Valve Assembly
    Poppet, Check Valve Assembly

    Poppet - Check Valve Assembly

    • Poppet
  5. Lubrication Cup
    Lubrication Cup

    Lubrication Cup

    • Cup, lubrication
  6. Circuit Breaker, 30A
    Circuit Breaker, 30A
    30A 12V Circuit breaker.
    • Circuit Breaker
    • 30A
    • Resettable
    • 30-007
  7. Circuit Breaker, 20A
    Circuit Breaker, 20A

    20-amp, 12-volt circuit breaker is easy to install and resettable.

    • Circuit Breaker
    • 20A
    • Resettable
    • 30-008
  8. Sensor, Temperature Gauge
    Sensor, Temperature Gauge
    Temperature gauge sensor.
    • Variable Temperature Sensor
    • For Use with Various Styles of Truckmount
    • Free Technical Support
  9. Kohler Oil Filter
    Kohler Oil Filter

    Oil Filter for Legend truck mounts.

    • Dimensions.: 3" W x 2.6" L
    • Spin-on design
    • Genuine Kohler part
    • For use with Legend truck mounts
  10. O‑Ring Check Valve Seat
    O‑Ring Check Valve Seat

    This O-ring fits on the seat for the check valve for most Prochem truck mounts.

    • This O-ring fits all older Prochem outlet check valve seats
  11. O‑Ring Y‑Strainer
    O‑Ring Y‑Strainer

    This O-ring is .676 Id x .816 Od. It fits the Y-Strainer for the solution outlet assembly and the bypass manifold assembly for most Prochem and BLUEline units.

  12. O‑Ring Check Valve Assembly
    O‑Ring Check Valve Assembly

    This O-ring goes on the check valve cap and seals the cap to the check valve. Measures 7/8" ID x 1 1/16" OD.

    • O-Ring fits cap on older Prochem brass chemical pumps


  13. Knob, 1/4‑20 Thumb (11‑007)
    Knob, 1/4‑20 Thumb (11‑007)

    Heavy duty flower thumb knob.

    • Cover Thumb Nut
    • 1/4-20 Thread
  14. Plug, Vac Inlet
    Plug, Vac Inlet

    2" Female Vacuum Rubber Plug that fits most male barb and straight pipe inlets.

    • Rubber Female Vacuum Inlet Plug
    • Fits 2" Male Barbs
  15. Control Temp 275 Degrees
    Control Temp 275 Degrees

    Control Temp 275 Degrees.

    • Adjustable dial from 50-275 degrees
    • Complete thermostat unit
    • Electronic unit
  16. Pulley, 5V710SK 2G C
    Pulley, 5V710SK 2G C

    Pulley - 5V710SK 2G C.

    • Pulley - 5V710SK 2G C
  17. Truckmount Waste Tank Filter Basket, Stainless Steel
    Truckmount Waste Tank Filter Basket, Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel truckmount waste tank filter basket.
    • Stainless Steel
    • 12" x 7.5" x 8"
    • Filter Basket
    • 61-002
  18. Gasket Material
    Gasket Material

    Neoprene gasket

    • Neoprene Material
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Fits multiple units
    • Easily conforms to many shapes
  19. Vacuum Hose Connector, 2 x 2 Inches
    Vacuum Hose Connector, 2 x 2 Inches
    This vacuum hose connector easily joins 2 x 2-inch vacuum hoses. Constructed of high-tension plastic, this hose cuff holds tight, no matter how much pressure it receives.
    • Connects two 2" vacuum hoses with ease
    • Durable PCVI construction
  20. ea Screw for Exhaust
    ea Screw for Exhaust
    5/16-18 x 1-1/4" black oxide hex (Allen) head bolt.
    • Heat Resistant Black Oxide
    • 5/16-18 Thread 1-1/4"OAL
    • 1/4" Hex (Allen) Head
  21. Ball‑Valve, 3 Way Chemical Selector
    Ball‑Valve, 3 Way Chemical Selector

    Chemical selector valve has 3-way setting: off, prime, and chemical. Fits most Prochem, BLUEline, HydraMaster and Sapphire Scientific truck mount units.

    • Ball-Valve
    • 3 Way
    • Chemical selector
  22. Valve, Chemical Metering
    Valve, Chemical Metering

    This 1/8" female pipe thread chemical metering valve will fit most Prochem, BLUEline, Sapphire Scientific and HydraMaster units.

    • SwageLok Valve
    • Needle Valve
    • 1/8"
  23. Chemical Pump Check Valve (42‑809265)
    Chemical Pump Check Valve (42‑809265)

    This check valve fits most Prochem stainless steel chemical pumps.

    • Check Valve
    • For Use with Many Prochem and HydraMaster Chemical Pumps
    • Ships Same Day
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