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Prochem Performer 405 (Auto Diverting) Truck Mount Replacement Parts

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  1. Cat Pumps 5CP Pump (5CP2150WCS.3)
    Cat Pumps 5CP Pump (5CP2150WCS.3)

    Cat Pumps 5CP2150WCS.3

    • Cat Pumps
    • 5.0 gpm
    • 2200 PSI 5.0GPM
    • 20MM Right Side Shaft
  2. Cat Pump 3 Frame Plunger Pump (5CP3120.3)
    Cat Pump 3 Frame Plunger Pump (5CP3120.3)

    Cat Pump brand 5CP plunger pump, pumps 4.5GPM with a max pressure of 3,500PSI. Clutch and belt driven with 3/8" FPT ports.

  3. Flojet Transfer Pump (4325‑143)
    Flojet Transfer Pump (4325‑143)

    Flojet on-demand pump used for transfer system will mount on a blue pressure tank. Model 4325-143.

    • 12 VDC 4.5 GPM
    • 40 psi
  4. Truck Mount Pump Out System
    Truck Mount Pump Out System

    Featuring a 12VDC motor this diaphragm waste pumpout produces consistent, smooth pulsation to prevent misdirected wastewater flooding. This pump can be run dry for short periods without causing damage to the pump.

    • 0.5HP drive motor
    • Diaphragm pump by COMET USA
    • For use with any truck mount system
  5. 12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)
    12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)

    Electric 12 VDC fuel pump.

    • Fuel pump
    • 12 volt
    • 2-3 psi
  6. Truckmount Waste Tank Filter Basket, Stainless Steel
    Truckmount Waste Tank Filter Basket, Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel truckmount waste tank filter basket.
    • Stainless Steel
    • 12" x 7.5" x 8"
    • Filter Basket
    • 61-002
  7. Gauge, Water Pressure
    Gauge, Water Pressure

    1500 PSI Water Pressure Gauge.

    • 2-1/2" Panel Mount 
    • 0-1500PSI 
    • White Face
  8. Vacuum Gauge (26‑004)
    Vacuum Gauge (26‑004)
    2-1/2" panel mount gauge 0-30"HG
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • 0-30"HG
    • White Face
  9. Water Temp Gauge
    Water Temp Gauge

    Water Temp Gauge

    • Gauge, water temp
  10. Dwyer Instruments FlowMeter (VFA‑42)
    Dwyer Instruments FlowMeter (VFA‑42)

    2-10 GPH flow meter fits most truck mounts in the industry.

    • Meter, flow
  11. Hour Meter
    Hour Meter

    Round hour meter used on ALL Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Hour meter
  12. Sensor, Temperature Gauge
    Sensor, Temperature Gauge
    Temperature gauge sensor.
    • Variable Temperature Sensor
    • For Use with Various Styles of Truckmount
    • Free Technical Support
  13. Nissan A‑15 Carburetor Solenoid (16196‑L1600)
    Nissan A‑15 Carburetor Solenoid (16196‑L1600)
    Carburetor Solenoid
    • Nissan A/15
    • Carburetor Solenoid
    • For Use with Prochem 405 Units
  14. Accumulator

    For use with older Prochem truck mounts units.

    • Accumulator, nitrogen
  15. Belt, AX29
    Belt, AX29

    Governor belt for Everest and Performers and water pump for Legend series.

    • AX29 Belt 
    • Fits Governor on Performer after 12/99, Bear and Bear Cat Machine
    • Water pump on some Legend units
    • Magneto on oil fired truck mounts
  16. Cat Pumps Pressure Regulator (7670.100)
    Cat Pumps Pressure Regulator (7670.100)

    Pressure regulator works on most Prochem and BLUEline machines.

  17. Chemical Pump Diaphragm
    Chemical Pump Diaphragm

    Diaphragm for chemical pump used on all Prochem truck mounts and on all non-HP BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Rubber diaphragm
    • For use with Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts
    • For use with select newer Hydramaster units
  18. Bypass Solenoid
    Bypass Solenoid

    12V solenoid for bypassing hot water to keep the machine running cool.

    • Solenoid
    • 12 Volt
    • Heat bypass
  19. Ignition Switch
    Ignition Switch

    Engine ignition switch with key for older large Prochem truck mounts and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Switch, ignition
  20. Circuit Breaker, 20A
    Circuit Breaker, 20A

    20-amp, 12-volt circuit breaker is easy to install and resettable.

    • Circuit Breaker
    • 20A
    • Resettable
    • 30-008
  21. Nissan Distributor Cap
    Nissan Distributor Cap

    Nissan distributor cap for the model A-12 A-15 engine.

    • Replacement cap for distributor
    • Fits Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines


  22. Waste Tank Filter, 2"F Stainless Steel
    Waste Tank Filter, 2"F Stainless Steel
    2"F stainless steel waste tank filter.
    • Stainless Steel
    • 2"F x 4"D x 10"L
    • Waste Tank Filter
    • PASS50-2-100
  23. Stainless Steel Chemical Pump (100906)
    Stainless Steel Chemical Pump (100906)

    Stainless steel chemical pump by General Pumps.

    • Stainless Steel 
    • Easily Rebuildable 
    • Used On A Wide Variety Of Truck Mount Systems
  24. Nissan Vacuum Advance Module (36‑087)
    Nissan Vacuum Advance Module (36‑087)
    Nissan A-15 distributor vacuum advance module.
    • Nissan
    • Vacuum Advance Module
    • Recommend Replacement every 1500-2000 Hours
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