Priority Manufacturing Prospector (Old Style) Low Pressure Portable Replacement Parts

Supply Hose, Prospector PE1200, 1/2" x 50', Red
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
AquaTec 170 PSI Pump (58‑FLC‑170)
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Discharge Hose, Prospector PE1200, 1/2" x 50', Black
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# MP-DHB50-EA
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AquaTec Pump, Demand 115 VAC, 120 PSI (AQFLC120)
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Castex/Nobles/Tennant 6" Lid Ring Only (100109)
Nobles SKU# CI-100109-EA
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T‑Jet Brass, 8002
Spraying Systems SKU# MP-T8002-EA
ea Blower Gasket
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# KR-C06-EA
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Explorer Tank Hinge (230390)
Nobles SKU# CI-230390-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Flow Control K‑Valve
Kingston SKU# CI-210210-EA
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve (210150)
Castex SKU# CI-210150-EA
Spray Screen No‑Drip
Royal SKU# CI-200996-EA
Spray Body Cap
Spraying Systems SKU# CI-200994-EA
Spray Body Male
Royal SKU# CI-200993-EA
Spray Body Female 1/4 Inch
Royal SKU# CI-200992-EA
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Wand Glide, 12" (200939)
Nobles SKU# CI-200939-EA
Castex Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool, 5 Inch
Tennant SKU# CI-200505-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Drain Hose Complete (190965)
Nobles SKU# CI-190965-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve Kit (190603)
Castex SKU# CI-190603-EA
P‑Valve Repair Kit
PMF SKU# CI-190600P-EA
Kingston K‑Valve (Standard) Repair Kit (252ATFEN188KIT)
Kingston SKU# CI-190600-EA
In stock
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Filter Solution Tank (180628)
Castex SKU# CI-180641-EA
In stock
Castex/Nobles/Tennant Float Assembly (180613)
Nobles SKU# CI-180613-EA
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Castex/Nobles/Explorer Heater Kit 1700W (180440)
Nobles SKU# CI-180440-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Castex/Nobles Wand Hose 500PSI, 46" (160186)
Nobles SKU# CI-160175-EA
SKU UnavailableNo Longer in Stock