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HydraMaster Rotary DriMaster Power Wand Replacement Parts


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  1. HydraMaster RX‑20/RDM Power Trigger (000‑167‑010)
    HydraMaster RX‑20/RDM Power Trigger (000‑167‑010)
    This is the right side trigger for the RX-20 and controls power to the head.
    • HydraMaster
    • RX-20 RDM
    • Motor trigger handle
    • Right trigger
  2. Relief, 12 Gauge Cord Strain
    Relief, 12 Gauge Cord Strain

    Strain Relief 12 Gauge made from heavy duty plastic.

    • Strain Relief 
    • 12 Guage Cord
    • 1/2" Male Thread 
    • Fits Most Portable Extractors 
    • Gasket, Clear Vacuum Tube
      Gasket, Clear Vacuum Tube
      Clear vacuum tube seating gasket for Rotary DriMaster by HydraMaster.
      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Foam Gasket
    • Assembly, RDM Stainless Jet
      Assembly, RDM Stainless Jet
      Jet bar assembly for DriMaster rotary by HydraMaster.
      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary Drimaster
      • Stainless Jet Bar Assembly
    • Skid, RDM Jet Protector
      Skid, RDM Jet Protector
      White nylon jet protector skid for the Rotary DriMaster by HydraMaster.
      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Nylon Jet Protector
    • Pad, RDM Teflon Stabilizer
      Pad, RDM Teflon Stabilizer
      Head stabilizing pad for the Rotary DriMaster power wand by HydraMaster.
      • HydraMaster
      • Improves Ease of Use 
      • Teflon
    • Spring, RDM Torsion
      Spring, RDM Torsion
      Spring for Rotary DriMaster.
      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster 
      • Torsion Spring
    • Grip, RX‑20 Closed End
      Grip, RX‑20 Closed End

      RX-20 and Rotary Drimaster foam grips.

      • RX-20
      • Rotary Drimaster
      • Foam Grips
      • Closed End
    • Kit, HM Valve Rebuild
      Kit, HM Valve Rebuild

      O-ring kit for the HydraMaster valve. Contains three o-rings.

      • O-ring repair kit
      • For use with HydraMaster SS wand valve
      • 3 included
    • HydraMaster RX‑20/RDM Solution Trigger (000‑167‑009)
      HydraMaster RX‑20/RDM Solution Trigger (000‑167‑009)
      Cast brass trigger for RX20 and Rotary DriMaster.
      • Solution Trigger
      • Cast Brass
    • Strain Relief, RX‑20 Cord Wrap
      Strain Relief, RX‑20 Cord Wrap
      This black plastic cord strain relief fits the 14/3 power cord for the RX-20.
      • Power cord strain relief
      • Fits 14/3 power cords
      • For the RX-20
    • Trim Lok, 5/8  x 1/8 (Sold per Foot)
      Trim Lok, 5/8 x 1/8 (Sold per Foot)

      Trim Lok 5/8 x 1/8 (Sold per Foot)

      • HydraMaster
      • Trim Lok
      • 5/8' x 1/8"
    • Orifice, High Temp
      Orifice, High Temp
      High temperature orifice.
      • HydraMaster
      • High Temp Orifice 
      • 0.061"
    • Ring, RDM Poly Coated
      Ring, RDM Poly Coated

      Ring Poly-Coated

      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Poly-Coated 
    • Seal, RDM Nylon Vacuum
      Seal, RDM Nylon Vacuum

      3" Nylon Seal.

      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Nylon Seal
    • Switch, RX‑20 RotaryDriMatser
      Switch, RX‑20 RotaryDriMatser

      Micro Switch for power on HydraMaster RX-20 and Rotary DriMaster.

      • RX-20
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Micro Switch 
    • Stationary Bracket
      Stationary Bracket

      Stationary Bracket for DriMaster Rotary Extractor.

      • Bracket
    • Valve, HydraMaster Solution
      Valve, HydraMaster Solution

      Manufactured for use with the HydraMaster HydraHoe wand, standard upholstery tool, RX20, and Rotary DriMaster. Is equipped with 1/4" fittings.

      • 1/4" Inlet/Outlet
      • RX20
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Hydra Hoe
      • Standard Upholstery Tool 
    • Belt, RDM Small Timing
      Belt, RDM Small Timing

      Powergrip GT2 Belt 195L050

      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Gates Belt
      • 195L050
    • Cowling, RDM Bronzed Top
      Cowling, RDM Bronzed Top

      Bronze Poly Carbon/Lexan Top Cover

      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster
      • Cowling, Top Cover
    • Housing Brass Stabilizer
      Housing Brass Stabilizer

      Housing Brass Stabilizer

      • Brass fitting
    • Gasket, RDM Spray Bar
      Gasket, RDM Spray Bar

      Gasket for stainless steel assembly on the Rotary DriMaster.

      • HydraMaster
      • Rotary DriMaster Gasket
      • For use on Stainless Steel Jet Assembly
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