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Valve, HydraMaster Solution

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  • 1/4" Inlet/Outlet
  • RX20
  • Rotary DriMaster
  • Hydra Hoe
  • Standard Upholstery Tool 
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Product Information

This valve is milled from stainless steel and uses a brass cap as a point of weakness in the event of over pressurazation or mild freezing. In the event of either occurance the brass cap would be what takes the brunt of damage leaving the body of the valve available for rebuild and reuse. This is not always the case however in some instances, age particularly, the valve must be replaced.

This valve can be found on the RX-20, the Rotary Drimaster and a number of the HydraHoe wands and standard upholstery tools.  



More Information
Model Rotary DriMaster|RX 20
Material Brass|Stainless Steel
Brand HydraMaster
Thread Type FP
Category Valves
PSI 1000
Condition new