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  1. Castex/Nobles/Tennant 6" Lid Ring Only (100109)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant 6" Lid Ring Only (100109)
    Vacuum tank lid ring.
    • Castex
    • Vacuum Lid Ring Only
    • Countersunk Mounting Holes
  2. Vacuum Hose, Black, 1‑1/2" x 20" (160421)
    Vacuum Hose, Black, 1‑1/2" x 20" (160421)

    This black vacuum hose is 19.125 inches long, with cuffs.

    • 1-1/2" Vacuum Hose
    • Comes with Cuffs
  3. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Drain Hose Sleeve (1009610)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Drain Hose Sleeve (1009610)

    This drain hose sleeve fits Castex, Nobles, and Tennant machines. It goes with the complete drain hose (CI-190965-EA).

  4. Hypro Pump (5315C‑HRX)
    Hypro Pump (5315C‑HRX)

    Hypro Pump model 5300 series. Fits several units.

    • Pump, Hypro
    • 1.5 GPM at 500 psi
    • 140 degree max inlet
  5. Hypro Piston Repar Kit
    Hypro Piston Repar Kit

    Piston Repair Kit

    • Piston kit
    • For use with Hypro Pumps
  6. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Rubber Hood Latch (140932)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Rubber Hood Latch (140932)

    Rubber Hood Latch for Castex, Nobles and Priority Manufacturing Equipment.

    • Hood latch
  7. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Float Assembly (180613)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Float Assembly (180613)

    Shut-Off Float Ball Assembly-2” Diameter Screen Assembly.

    • Shut-Off Float Ball Assembly-2”
  8. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Filter Solution Tank (180628)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Filter Solution Tank (180628)

    Mushroom shaped stainless steel filter for solution tank.

    • 100 Mesh
    • Stainless Steel 
    • Mushroom Filter
  9. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Reusable Grease Gun (190022)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Reusable Grease Gun (190022)

    This reusable Grease Gun is for the pumps on the Pathfinder and Explorer units.

    • Grease Gun
  10. Kingston K‑Valve (Standard) Repair Kit (252ATFEN188KIT)
    Kingston K‑Valve (Standard) Repair Kit (252ATFEN188KIT)

    This K-Valve Repair Kit includes the stem with O-ring and the spring for the 500 psi (CI-210210-EA) valve. The cap for the valve is NOT included in this kit.

    • For 500 PSI K-Valve
    • Stem, O-ring & Spring
  11. P‑Valve Repair Kit
    P‑Valve Repair Kit

    This P-Valve Repair Kit includes the stem and O-ring kit, including the P-Valve Cap Spacer. For use with the CI-210210P-EA P-Valve.

  12. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve Kit (190603)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve Kit (190603)

    The Imperial Valve Kit includes the Stem, O-Ring, Cap, Spring and Stop Nut.

    • Imperial valve
      Repair kit
  13. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Drain Hose Complete (190965)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Drain Hose Complete (190965)

    Drain Hose Complete for the Old Style Pathfinder and Explorer Units.

    • Drain Hose Complete
    • Fits the Old Style Pathfinder and Explorer Units
  14. Castex/Nobles Explorer Power Switch (608605AM)
    Castex/Nobles Explorer Power Switch (608605AM)

    Rocker Switch-On/Off for the Castex Explorer.

    • Rocker Switch-On/Off for the Castex Explorer
  15. Castex Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool, 5 Inch
    Castex Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool, 5 Inch
    This 5-inch cast aluminum hand tool will dramatically boost your productivity on upholstery and stairs. It not only handles pressures up to 500 PSI, but it's also lightweight and easy to use.
    • Lightweight cast aluminum
    • 5" cleaning head
    • Handles up to 500 PSI
    • Fits 1.5" hoses
  16. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Knob, Needle Valve (210023)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Knob, Needle Valve (210023)

    Knob - Needle Valve.

    • Pressure Regulator Knob
      Needle Valve
  17. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve (210150)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Imperial Valve (210150)

    Imperial Valve. Withstands pressure to 500 PSI

  18. Flow Control K‑Valve
    Flow Control K‑Valve

    This Flow Control K-Valve is rated at pressures up to 500 PSI. This part is easily rebuildable.

    • Withstands pressures up to 500 PSI
    • Easily rebuildable
  19. Castex/Nobles Pressure Relief Valve (210211AM)
    Castex/Nobles Pressure Relief Valve (210211AM)

    Pressure Relief Valve.

    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • 500 psi Max Pressure
    • Adjustable from 50 to 500 PSI
    • ¼” Connectors
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