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As a restoration professional, one thing you don't have a lot of is extra time. Your business is emergencies, so you've got to be ready to go when the phone rings. When you're that busy, the last thing you need is a 12 week wait on your new cube truck. Don't leave yourself at the mercy of a dealer with no on-hand inventory, call us to take immediate delivery of your new cube truck. We offer reasonable prices, exceptional customer service and nationwide delivery. For more information, contact the Truck Mount Equipment Sales Department at 800.556.6366 or click here to request an information package.

Jon-Don also offers a great perk for our do-it-yourself customers- you can call one number for all of your technical needs. If you're willing to venture into some repair and maintenance work we have a Technical Support line with a full-time staff devoted to giving you a helping hand. Whether you need troubleshooting advice on a confusing mechanical problem, technical support during part installation, or help ordering the right parts for a job our Technical Support line may be just what you need

The Hot Rods of Restoration

There are a few simple reasons that top restoration contractors prefer the cube or box trucks over an extended cargo van. First, cube trucks are simply bigger than their extended van counterparts.

Second, because space is at such a premium in restoration trucks, it can be difficult for contractors to squeeze all the necessary equipment into one van. And finally, when you buy your cube truck from a reputable dealer you’ll enjoy an extensive array of choices and options.

So, how much bigger are they?

Obviously, you can buy cube trucks and vans in different lengths, typically 12’, 14’ and 16’. However, the real difference isn’t in length, but in the height and width of the cargo area.

For example, excluding the driving and passenger area, a typical twelve foot extended van measures 12’ long x 4.3’ wide x 4.5’ high, while a twelve-foot cube truck’s dimensions are 12’ long x 8’ wide x 7’ high. In cubic feet, that means an extended van rings in at 232 ft, with the cube truck nearly tripling that cubic footage at 672 ft.

A twelve-foot cube truck is nearly triple the size of a twelve foot extended van. It’s like having 3 cargo vans in 1 cube truck. In restoration work that extra space means fewer trips to the job site and more money for you!

To maximize space even more, Jon-Don pays special attention to the racking and shelving systems. They understand that space is at a premium, even in a spacious cube. Many pros take advantage of Jon-Don’s turnkey outfitting—a finished unit ready to drive out of Jon-Don straight to your next job.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Cube Truck from Jon-Don

  1. Immediate delivery. No need to wait twelve weeks to get your truck mount. Jon-Don has units in stock and ready to go.
  2. Nationwide shipping. We’ve shipped units from coast to coast!
  3. Variety of units for different budgets and needs.
  4. Our cube trucks were designed with the restoration professional in mind. They come standard with additional interior lighting, installed racking, and the side door cut out. We specialize in servicing all restoration companies from independents to franchise groups.
  5. Financing options available. You won’t need to worry about hidden costs and inflated buyouts when you work with Jon-Don’s financing partners. You’ll be working with honest, established people who understand this industry and who can create custom financing packages to fit your needs.

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