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WizKid Products Splash Hog™ 60‑Day Urinal Screen (6 PK)

WizKid Products Splash Hog™ 60‑Day Urinal Screen, Cotton Blossom (6 PK)
cs/6 Splash Hog Urinal Screen/Cucumber Melon
cs/6 Splash Hog Urinal Screen/Clean
WizKid Products Splash Hog™ 60‑Day Urinal Screen, Mango (6 PK)

Product Highlights

These unique urinal screens dramatically reduce splash-back while fighting odors for a full 60 days. These modern, attractive screens complement any restroom decor while promoting cleaner, healthier restrooms and reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Hedgehog-like protrusions reduce splashback
  • Adheres to the back wall of the urinal—where guys actually go
  • Odor-fighting fragrance lasts up to 60 days
  • Easy to install; easy to replace
  • Available in mango, clean, cotton blossom, cucumber melon
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Product Description

Stop the Splash Where Guys Actually Go and
Fight Bad Urinal Odors for 60 Days!


Long-Lasting Odor-Fighting Properties
WizKid Splash Hog urinal screens emit great-smelling fragrances for a full 60 days, providing long-term odor control and great value. Day or night, these screens fight tough urinal odors, ensuring your guests will have a pleasant experience with every visit.


WizKid Splash Hog urinal screens are so potent, they even eliminate the need for added air fresheners, toilet blocks, or aerosol sprays, helping to further reduce restroom maintenance costs while maintaining high standards of freshness.


Anti-Splash Design
Featuring unique hedgehog-like bristles, WizKid Splash Hog urinal screens efficiently reduce splashing, keeping liquid in the bowl where it belongs instead of on the floor where it can cause bad odors or worse: be tracked throughout the rest of your facility.


Efficient Back-Wall Placement
WizKid Splash Hog urinals screens adhere to the back wall of the urinal, where men most frequently urinate, rather than low in the basin, which ensures these screens offer better splash-reducing performance. Less splashing means less cleanup and healthier, better-smelling restrooms.


Modern, Attractive Appearance
These urinal screens are a dramatic upgrade from old-fashioned cakes and plastic holders. The attractive design complements any restroom décor and adds an interesting visual element to every urinal.


Easy Installation
Each urinal screen is held in place with three strong suction cups. To install, flush the urinal to get the unit wet. Position the screen with the base circle flat in the basin, then press the vertical area into place. That’s it! Removal and replacement is just as easy.


Available fragrances:
(Listed in order of intensity from most to least)

  • Mango
  • Cotton Blossom
  • Clean
  • Cucumber Melon

Technical Specifications

Color Various
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Urinal Screens
Condition new


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