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Unitex® Trash Liners, Low Density, Heavy Duty, 55 Gallons, 45" x 51", 1.2 mil, Blue (100 PK)

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  • Ideal for carrying large loads with sharp objects
  • Star seal provides extra capacity
  • Provides excellent leak protection
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Product Information

Linear low-density liners are ideal for use when carrying loads with sharp objects, whether its metal, plastic, or stiff corners of paper (such as from magazines or reams of paper).


Choose light-duty liners for deskside and tall kitchen receptacles where trash content is primarily paper towels, copy paper, magazines, etc.


Choose medium-duty liners for receptacles in public areas where trash content is generally limited to an office environment.


Choose heavy-duty liners for commercial applications where trash content can be heavier. These liners are also ideal for use when dumping content from one or more smaller receptacles into a larger one.


Choose extra heavy-duty liners for outdoor receptacles, repair shops, and heavy-duty industrial environments with heavy or bulky trash loads.


How to Choose the Right Size Liner
A quick and easy way to save money is to simply make sure you’re using the right sized liner for your trash cans. Take a look at your trash cans right now: is there a lot of extra plastic hanging over the rim? If there is, you’re wasting money on all that unused plastic.

Here's a handy guide for choosing the right sized liner for your cans. (Note: This is just a general guide. Odd-shaped containers may require a larger or longer bag. If you’re unsure as to what size liner you need, contact a Jon-Don representative for assistance at 800-556-6366.)


Step 1: Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of your container at the top.
Step 2: Measure the height of your container.
Step 3: Add the numbers together and match them to the guide below to find the right size liner for your can.

  • Up to 65 inches: 8-10 gallons
  • 65-73 inches: 12-16 gallons
  • 73-86 inches: 20-30 gallons
  • 86-96 inches: 33 gallons
  • 96-101 inches: 40-45 gallons
  • 101-108 inches: 55-60 gallons

What trash bag gauge is right for you?
Too thick wastes money. Too thin increases mess from ripped bags and promotes unnecessary double bagging.

  • Gauge: Term used to describe a liner's thickness. Low-density liners are measured in mils. High-density liners are usually measured in microns. Low-density liners are thicker than high-density liners.
  • Mil: Based on thousands of an inch (0.000). Low-density liners are best used for carrying large loads or for carrying loads with sharp objects.
    • .35 - .45: Light Duty
    • .70 - .95: Medium Duty
    • 1.10 - 1.50: Heavy Duty
    • 1.70 - 2.0: Extra Heavy Duty
  • Micron: Based on one hundred thousand thousandths of an inch (0.000000). Common high-density liner thickness range between 6 and 22 microns. High-density liners are ideal for foodservice or for disposal of trash with liquids.

Star Seal
The star seal is the most common type of seal on the market. Designed without gussets, the star seal eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. This allows the bag to more easily conform to the shape of the container and distribute refuse weight evenly inside the bag. Star seal liners maximize the bag’s carrying capacity and virtually eliminate leaks.



More Information
Brand Unitex
Color Blue
Capacity 55
Category Low Density Liners
Mil 1.2
Condition New