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Unitex® Brilliant 25 Low Speed Finish 25%

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Unitex® Brilliant 25 Low Speed Finish 25% (1 GL)
Item # UN-BMAF25-01
Gallon    Qty: 1
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5gl Brilliant Finish 25%
Item # UN-BMAF25-05
5 Gallon Pail    Qty: 1
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  • Durable high-gloss shine with low maintenance
  • 25% solids provides excellent coverage
  • pH: 8.1–8.9
  • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon

Product Information

When customers require a dazzling finish with fewer post-burnished coats, Brilliant 25 is the ideal choice. It spreads and levels evenly and then dries to a polished, clear gloss. It creates a durable, high-gloss shine with or without buffing.


Brilliant 25 offers fast build with fewer coats, which keeps your labor costs to a minimum. It is the perfect blend of value and performance, making it ideal for facilities with tight floor maintenance budgets, such as educational and retail facilities.


Highly resistant to foot traffic and scuff marks, Brilliant 25 formula responds beautifully to low-speed spray buffing when paired with Unitex Rebound and a red floor pad. Get a low- or no-maintenance finish by applying just 3 to 4 coats.


Alternately, you can pair two coats of Unitex Basis Sealer with two coats of Brilliant 25 for beautiful, high-shine results.


Formulated with anti-foamers for less bubble action, Brilliant 25 is infused with non-yellowing polymers that are metal-interlocked for added durability. When stripping is required, Brilliant 25 can be removed quickly and completely.


Excellent for use on all resilient flooring and with low-speed floor machines, Brilliant 25 covers 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft per gallon. Each coat requires approximately 20 to 30 minutes to dry.


Brilliant 25 is easily restored by scrubbing and top coating or spray buffing with a 175 RPM machine.


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More Information
Ingredients Ingredients List
Material Resilient Tile
Category Floor Finish
Brand Unitex
Type Acrylic
Condition new
solids (%) 25


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)