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Assembly, RX‑20 Complete Star Assembly

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  • Complete Star assembly RX20
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This is a complete star assembly featuring the updated three (3) jet design. Three (3) stainless steel cone jets offer an equal cleaning pattern to the older five (5) brass jet style while significantly reducing the amount of water used to clean. This dramatic reduction in water used improves dry time while still providing proper cleaning.



The star assembly or "head" has a standard right hand thread which means the traditional "lefty loosey righty tighty" is the correct way to install and remove the head. This is because the rotation of the head is clockwise so as the head turns it actually helps to tighten the head on to the unit preventing it from coming off during use.

The head should only be installed when the machine is in use, when not used the vacuum head guard is large enough to fit over the handle so the star can hang.

Removing the head should only be done with the star removal tool (HM-078068-EA). Kicking the head to jar it loose is never recommended, this practice often results in bent star arms or cracked vacuum heads. Use the right tool for the job and you won't be replacing parts unnecessarily.

The felt ring in the top of the plastic hub should be removed and oiled with any type of engine oil before and after every use. Keeping this felt ring well oiled will prevent the star from sticking to the unit and making removal near impossible. The felt ring can be stored in a plastic bag with a small amount of oil in it between uses.



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Brand Castex
Category Wands
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number 604-053-002