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SENTINEL Formula 539 Smoke & Odor Encapsulant with Antimicrobial Protection, Clear

SENTINEL Formula 539 Smoke & Odor Encapsulant with Antimicrobial Protection, Clear (4 GL)
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SENTINEL Formula 539 Smoke & Odor Encapsulant with Antimicrobial Protection, Clear (5 GL)
SKU#: RP-S539-05
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Product Highlights

SENTINEL 539 Sealer Encapsulant contains an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent microbial growth on the cured film surface. This low-odor, fast-drying encapsulant is ideal for sealing and trapping tough odors, like smoke, decay, and sewage, on restoration projects.
  • Available in white or clear finishes
  • Helps prevent antimicrobial growth on the cured film surface
  • Can be applied to HVAC systems
  • Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless paint sprayer
  • Coverage of 200-400 sq ft per gallon
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Product Description

SENTINEL 539 Sealer Encapsulant is a professional strength, low-odor, fast-drying sealer encapsulant used to seal and trap smoke and other odors commonly found on restoration projects.

SENTINEL 539 works great as part of a two-part system and should be used after affected areas have been cleaned. This sealer contains a fungistatic agent which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the dried surface of the sealer.


Before using products like Sentinel 539 Sealer/ Primer Odor Encapsulant to rid the space of unwanted odors, first clean dirt, grease, grime smoke and soot from floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces


Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of loose debris. For best results the application area should be at least 60º F with humidity levels below 70%. Shake or stir 539 thoroughly before using. Stir product thoroughly prior to use to ensure proper coverage. Coverage rates range from 200 - 400 square feet per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface being sealed.    




  1. Apply Sentinel 539 using a brush, medium nap roller, or sprayer. Apply a thin uniform coat.  
    1. When spraying 539 mix contents thoroughly and use a .020 tip.
  2. Allow 539 to dry thoroughly (a minimum of 120 minutes).  
  3. If necessary, a second coat can be applied after first coat is completely dry.  
  4. If spraying 539 in HVAC ducts or systems, allow to dry for 2 hours before recirculating fresh air.  
  5. Fresh air should be carefully inspected for odors before ventilating into occupied spaces.  
  6. The use of a NIOSH-approved respirator is recommended when exposed to spray mists or in areas of poor ventilation.

Technical Specifications

Category Encapsulants, Encapsulant\Coating, Sealers
Brand Sentinel
Approved Use Crime Scene - Trauma, HVAC System, Mold Remediation, Painting, Smoke and Odor Remediation, Water Damage
Condition new
Xactimate Code PNT SWALL - Seal stud wall for odor control



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