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Scanmaskin is a well-known manufacturer of floor grinding and concrete polishing equipment with unsurpassed quality, durability, and reliability. The Scan Combiflex line of floor grinders from Scanmaskin has set the standard by which all other grinding machines are judged. It’s engineering excellence you can see. For dependable, consistent grinding results you can trust from job to job, Scan Combiflex grinders from Scanmaskin are second to none.

Superior Engineering Puts More "Torque on the Floor – Not on Your Hip"

Experienced concrete professionals will notice that something that all Scan Combiflex models are missing – long handles to lean against. Through superior engineering, Scan Combiflex floor grinders are designed to direct all the torque of the machine down to the floor, not against the operator. While other machines may have you feeling like you’re hanging on to a bucking bronco, Scan Combiflex floor grinders offer smooth operation. So smooth, in fact, that you can set your coffee cup on the machine and it won’t slosh or spill.

A Better Drive System Means Less Horsepower.

Scanmaskin engineers discovered that most grinders in the marketplace have a poor power transfer ratio due to the inefficient design of their drive systems. This means that competing units need larger horsepower motors to overcome the power loss, and yet they still deliver less grinding power to the floor. Scanmaskin's patented drive systems provide a higher, more efficient power ratio, so a smaller horsepower motor can be used without sacrificing performance. This superior engineering lets Scanmaskin drive systems deliver more grinding power than competing units with larger horsepower motors!

Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 650 Floor Grinder

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Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 500PD Floor Grinder
Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 450NS Floor Grinder
Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 330 Concrete Floor and Edge Grinder

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Spring Steel Disks

Another unique engineering element of Scan Combiflex floor grinders is that the grinding heads (with the exception of the Scan Combiflex 330) feature spring steel disks, not rubber flex systems like most other grinders on the market. After thorough side-by-side testing, Scanmaskin engineers discovered that the spring steel disks were far superior to the traditional rubber flex systems found on most other grinders. They provide increased durability and better, more consistent grinding.

They can be configured to increase or decrease head flexibility as well, something rubber flex discs can’t do. Spring steel disks are perfect for any type of grinding application, from aggressive surface prep to providing a fine finishing polish.

All Steel Construction

When we describe these machines as durable, we’re not exaggerating. Unlike other units that feature plastic or fiberglass parts, Scan Combiflex machines are made from solid steel – right down to the dust shroud. These units resist dents, chips, and cracks, ensuring that they far outlast the competition.

Virtually Dust Free

Dust can be a major issue for other systems when it comes to dry grinding applications, but not for Scanmaskin equipment. All Scanmaskin floor grinders feature a dust shroud made from solid steel. You won’t find duct tape on a Scan Combiflex unit. Unlike other grinders with shrouds made from plastic or fiberglass, our dust shrouds won’t chip or crack, and they do a far superior job of controlling dust and debris. Plus, all units feature dual vacuum ports for more efficient dust collection. The combination of these features makes for virtually dust-free grinding and polishing. The result is a cleaner work area that takes less time to clean up and is safer for the operator and building occupants.

Easy Maintenance

Not only do these machines offer a sleek, professional appearance, but they are designed to be easy to use and require very little maintenance. Simply put: All Scanmaskin machines are designed to work – not to be worked on. For the machines that require belt changes, Scanmaskin makes the process easy. Unlike other grinders that may take 6 to 8 hours or even require a professional mechanic to change the belt, Scanmaskin belts can be replaced in as little as one hour. While we recommend that belts be changed every 2 years or 5,000 hours, it is simply a precautionary recommendation that will help reduce maintenance costs and downtime in the long term. Scanmaskin belts are rated for up to 10,000 hours.