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PRS Fire and Content Cleaner

Product Highlights

PRS Fire and Content Cleaner is a biologically based cleaning agent built specifically for fire residues and heavy-duty content cleaning on hard surfaces.
  • Powerful biologically based degreaser
  • No harsh fumes
  • Ideal for fire damage restoration
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Product Description

PRS Fire and Content Cleaner incorporates the industry’s leading bio-surfactants and cleaning technology to deliver deep cleaning properties with residues that can be easily wiped clean or freely rinsed.


Apply with a mop and bucket or use in spray-and-wipe applications.



  • For heavy-duty cleaning, dilute 1 part to 3 parts water.
  • For medium duty, dilute 1 part to 10 parts water.
  • For light duty and ultrasonic cleaning, dilute 1 part to 60 parts water.


Rochester Midland’s unique line of non-pathogenic biological cleaners are created to help you deal with water damage, fire damage, and odor control while improving worker safety, productivity and customer satisfaction.


These biological cleaning technologies will begin to destroy soils and odors as soon as they are applied, and can even continue to work long after initial application in hard-to-reach areas.


This will help you improve response and cleanup time, odors in working conditions and within your equipment, recovery of content, and customer satisfaction.


Here's what our customers have to say:

"I used PRS Fire & Content Cleaner to clean some baby plates that are very special to a mother/homeowner who had a bad fire. The fire started in the bedroom where the plates were hanging. I tried every degreaser and cleaner that we have ever used, but nothing worked. When we got our first sample of PRS Fire & Content Cleaner, I decided to try this product on the plates. In just a few minutes, the PRS desolved most of the smoke and didn't hurt the paint like the other cleaners did. We also used this product on the furniture, walls, ceiling, floor, and cabinets."

"It is hard to believe how much better PRS works. Our employees hated using degreaser because of the strong fumes, plus it extremely harsh on the materials we were cleaning. We will never use the other degreasers again."

- Dan Matthews

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Technical Specifications

Category Degreasers, General Purpose Cleaners
pH 12.0 -12.5
Brand Rochester Midland-PRS
Application Method Spray, Wipe\Mop
Approved Use Smoke and Odor Remediation
Type Liquid
Condition new
Scent Mild


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