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Poly Hanger #3 (100 PK)

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Product Highlights

Professional looking poly hangers speed the installation of poly walls to save labor time while providing a secure base for film suspension. With four different types of poly hangers you are sure to find one ideal for your particular job.
  • Suspends film directly from ceiling grid
  • Faster installation, reusable
  • 100 per box
  • No damage from tape or glue
  • No falling poly sheets
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Product Description

Poly-Hangers save time and labor by attaching in just a few seconds, helping to quickly install containment areas, drying chambers, or dust protection barriers at your work site. They also help to eliminate damage and clean-up efforts caused by tape and glue adhesives, making the work you do safer and more effective.

Poly-Hanger #3 supports poly sheeting from the ceiling grid and other overhead objects. It’s installed over the pin and is held in place by a removable retainer, helping to keep the sheet in place for the entirety of the job and prevent breached containments.

You also have the option of building full containments, connecting tunnels, and dust curtains with Hanger #3 as it will hold poly in place both horizontally and vertically.

Poly-Hangers can also be reused on future jobs.


  • Containment for abatement
  • Dust protection barriers
  • Construction area enclosures
  • Leak diversion
  • Drying chambers

    Poly-Hanger #3 Installation:

    For abatement containments with .02" negative air pressure:

  • To support poly horizontally below grid ceilings, space the hangers at 4' to 6' apart.
  • To support vertical poly for walls, space the hangers at 3' to 4' apart.
  •  For dust curtains and construction enclosures:

  • To support the poly, space the hangers 4' to 6' apart.

     *Note: Do not reuse these Poly-Hangers if the teeth become worn. This can be caused by failing to compress the retainer when installing and removing.

  • Technical Specifications

    Category Barrier Systems
    Brand Provided by Jon-Don
    Flame Retardant No
    Condition New

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