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Perfect Trac Concrete Saw

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  • Self-adjusting safety guard
  • Four-way adjustable handle
  • Easy motor replacement
  • Cut to 2.125-inch depth!
  • Uses blade SB-7TIGER90-EA
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Product Information

Cleaner Cuts with Little to No Chipping!


Thanks to its low center of gravity and weight-driven design, the Perfect Trac Crack Saw is designed to yield cleaner cuts with less vibration and little to no chipping in the concrete.


Balanced Design

The Perfect Trac Crack Saw is designed with front-end weights that provide added stability as well as reduced vibration. This makes it easier for the operator to follow along straight lines and adjust on the fly with no wobbling or stress.


Reduced Vibration

In addition to its unique weight-driven design, the Perfect Trac Crack Saw also features soft wheels that provide added vibration dampening. This helps reduce stress on the operator for fatigue-free cutting as well as result in cleaner, smoother cuts.


Simple Controls

Controlling the Perfect Trac Crack Saw couldn’t be easier. With just the squeeze of your hand, the machine can be guided along any crack with ease.


Adjustable Handle

Users of any height can use the Perfect Trac Crack Saw with total comfort. It features a 4-way adjustable handle, so you can set the height that is most convenient for you for comfortable cutting every time.


Pointer Guide

The Perfect Trac Crack Saw features a handy pointer guide that makes cutting straight lines a cinch. Simply snap a chalk line on the concrete and line up the pointer guide. There’s no guesswork or crooked lines when you use the Perfect Trac Crack Saw.


Durable Construction

The Perfect Trac Crack Saw is made from solid aluminum that is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. This heavy-duty machine is designed for use by professionals in rough environments, such as concrete resurfacing, construction, and remodeling projects.


Standard Vacuum Attachment

The Perfect Trac Crack Saw features a standard size vacuum port so you can connect your preferred dust collector or vacuum for nearly dust-free cutting.


Low-Maintenance Design

It’s easy to replace the motor on the Perfect Trac Crack Saw. It features an interchangeable motor design, so instead of having to buy a new saw or pay for expensive repairs, you can simply drop in a new motor for a fraction of the cost!




Are you using the right dust collector?



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Material Aluminum
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Joint Saws
Condition new
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