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PCM Deep Clean Concentrated Lithium‑Silicate Concrete Cleaner

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  • Formulated for use on concrete floors
  • Will not etch polished concrete
  • Removes most common soiling
  • Contains lithium-silicate to harden floors
  • Concentrated for economy

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Get Your Polished Concrete Floors Clean and Make Them Strong!


PCM Deep Clean is a concentrated lithium-silicate cleaner that helps to maintain concrete surface hardness and shine, ensuring the highest level of appearance and performance standards.


Use PCM Deep Clean to clean up after liquid spills and as part of your weekly maintenance program. The specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes common soiling while the lithium-silicate goes to work hardening any “soft” calcium hydroxide exposed by traffic or abrasion.


PCM Deep Clean is easy to apply and requires no rinsing for routine surface cleaning. It’s ideal for use with standard automatic floor scrubbers.



  • Flexible dilution for both surface and deep cleaning
  • Readily biodegradable. Low toxicity
  • Contains US EPA DfE (Designed for the Environment) CleanGredients® listed surfactants
  • Concentrated for economy of storage and transport
  • Complies with all national, state, and district VOC regulations



  • May not remove some embedded stains



  1. Apply product, diluted per label instructions, with a mop or automatic scrubber.
  2. For routine surface cleaning, rinsing the concrete floor is not necessary. Mop up spent cleaner and dissolved contaminants, or vacuum up with auto scrubber. After deep cleaning, rinse well with fresh water. Do not let puddles or concentrated cleaner dry on the floor.
  3. Buff the cleaned floor with a white pad to increase the shine.



  • Normal Cleaning: Dilute 1 oz cleaner per 1 gallon fresh water
  • Deep Cleaning: Dilute 2 oz cleaner per 1 gallon fresh water
  • PAX Dilution: Dilute one 4 oz PAX per 15 gallon fresh water


More Information
Category Concrete Densifiers
pH 11.0
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Type Liquid
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number PLJD46046-4OUNCE
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)