US Products King Cobra 500 Portable Extractor Replacement Parts

PumpTec 207 Series Complete Pump (80547)
Pumptec SKU# CE-25074-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Ametek 3 Stage Vacuum Motor (117507‑13)
Century 400 SKU# CE-36005A-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Vacuum Motor Gasket, 7" (100001)
Castex SKU# CI-100001-EA
Castex/Nobles/Tennant 6" Lid w/Ring Modified (100103)
Nobles SKU# CI-100103-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
Castex/Nobles/Tennant 6" Clear Lid Only (100105)
Blue Book SKU# CI-100105-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
ea Blower Gasket
Provided by Jon-Don SKU# KR-C06-EA
US Products Red Light
US Products SKU# UP-78B-EA
SKU UnavailableNo Longer in Stock
Green Light for US Products Panels
US Products SKU# UP-78-EA
In stock
Latch Draw Rubber
US Products SKU# UP-908A-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Vacuum Manifold
US Products SKU# UP-926-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
Regulator Unloader
US Products SKU# UP-945D-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
US Products Pump Motor (M1130388.00)
US Products SKU# UP-948B-EA
Ships Direct From Manufacturer.
K‑Valve 1200 PSI with Handle
Kingston SKU# MP-K25130-EA
In stock
Flo‑Jet 115V Discharge Pump (4125‑014)
Flojet SKU# FJ-4125014-EA
In stock
US Products 1‑1/2" Drain Hose Plug (1060C)
US Products SKU# UP-1060C-EA
In stock
US Products Recovery Tank Lid/Ring (2086)
US Products SKU# UP-2086-EA
Out of stock accepting backorders.
Green Indicator LED (227)
US Products SKU# UP-227-EA
In stock

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