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Rotovac PowerWand Replacement Parts

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  1. Rotovac Powerwand Hard Surface Brush Heads
    Rotovac Powerwand Hard Surface Brush Heads

    Specially designed to offer exceptional cleaning performance on hard floors, these brush heads allow you to boost the revenue-generating potential of your Rotovac Powerwand. Easily clean tile, grout, and vinyl by swapping out the brush heads in as little as 20 seconds.

    • Fits Rotovac Power Wand
    • Includes right and left brush
    • Can be changed in 20 seconds
    • For use on tile, grout, and vinyl hard floors
    • Can also be used to pre-scrub commercial glue-down carpet
  2. Valve, PMF V800 Needle
    Valve, PMF V800 Needle
    PMF V800 needle valve.
    • PMF
    • Made in USA
    • V800 w/ Bypass
  3. Valve, 1/4" FxM Ball
    Valve, 1/4" FxM Ball

    1/4" ball valve has female to male pipe threads. It is rated at 1200 PSI and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is most commonly found on the RotoVac series rotary extraction wands.

    • 1/4" FxM Ball Valve
    • 1200 PSI
    • RotoVac
  4. Brushes, RotoVac Carbon
    Brushes, RotoVac Carbon
    RotoVac PowerWand motor carbon brushes.
    • RotoVac
    • Set of 4 Carbon Brushes
    • For Use with PowerWand
  5. Swivel, New Style Rotovac
    Swivel, New Style Rotovac
    New style Rotovac swivel.
    • Rotovac
    • High Pressure Swivel
    • For Use with 360 and 360i Models
  6. Wand Handle, 1 1/2", Low Profile
    Wand Handle, 1 1/2", Low Profile

    Handle - 1 1/2'''' Low Profile

    • Grip, padded
  7. Assembly, RotoVac Front Wheel
    Assembly, RotoVac Front Wheel
    RotoVac front wheel and axle assembly.
    • RotoVac
    • Front Wheel
    • Power Wand
  8. Hose, RotoVac Vacuum
    Hose, RotoVac Vacuum
    RotoVac PowerWand vacuum hose.
    • RotoVac
    • PowerWand
    • Vacuum Hose
  9. Jet, RotoVac PowerWand .75
    Jet, RotoVac PowerWand .75
    RotoVac PowerWand replacement jet.
    • RotoVac
    • .75 Flood Jet
    • Brass 1/8"
  10. Jet, RotoVac PowerWand 1.0
    Jet, RotoVac PowerWand 1.0
    Rotovac PowerWand replacement jet.
    • RotoVac
    • 1.0 Flood Jet
    • Brass 1/8"
  11. Gasket, RotoVac 360i Felt
    Gasket, RotoVac 360i Felt

    This felt gasket fits the RotoVac 360i vacuum disc.

  12. Jet, RotoVac PowerWand 1.5
    Jet, RotoVac PowerWand 1.5
    RotoVac PowerWand replacement jet.
    • RotoVac
    • 1.5 Flood Jet
    • Brass 1/8"
  13. Valve, PMF V800 Soft Touch
    Valve, PMF V800 Soft Touch
    V800 Soft touch valve from PMF.
    • Production Metal Forming
    • Easy Touch Valve
    • Pressure Rated to 1000PSI
  14. Valve Hanger
    Valve Hanger

    Valve hanger

    • Valve hanger
  15. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD
    Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD

    Our most popular male quick disconnect plug! This brass coupler features heavy-duty double O-rings and works in all high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

    • Male connection
    • Double O-rings prevent leaking
    • Brass construction
  16. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"FQD
    Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"FQD

    The most common female quick disconnect for the carpet cleaning industry. The 1/4", brass, female coupler is equipped with double EPDM seals which are resistant to high pressure, high temperature, all but solvent based chemicals and abrasion.

    • Double EPDM O-Rings
    • Brass Construction
    • 1/4"
  17. Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD SST
    Coupler, 1/4"FPT x 1/4"MQD SST

    This 1/4" male, stainless steel quick connect fits 1/4-inch hoses.

    • Male connection
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Fits 1/4-inch hose
  18. Coupler, 1/4‑Inch FPT x 1/4‑Inch FQD SST
    Coupler, 1/4‑Inch FPT x 1/4‑Inch FQD SST

    This 1/4-inch female quick coupler is stainless steel and offers double O-rings. Its durable design lasts longer than the competition. Stainless steel construction allows for pressures exceeding 3,000 PSI and solvent resistance.

    • Double O-rings prevent leaking
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Withstands 3,000 PSI and solvent chemicals
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