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Prochem Performer 405 w/Microprocessor Control Replacement Parts

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  1. Accumulator

    For use with older Prochem truck mounts units.

    • Accumulator, nitrogen
  2. 12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)
    12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)

    Electric 12 VDC fuel pump.

    • Fuel pump
    • 12 volt
    • 2-3 psi
  3. Cat Pumps 5CP Pump (5CP2150WCS.3)
    Cat Pumps 5CP Pump (5CP2150WCS.3)

    Cat Pumps 5CP2150WCS.3

    • Cat Pumps
    • 5.0 gpm
    • 2200 PSI 5.0GPM
    • 20MM Right Side Shaft
  4. Chemical Pump Check Valve (42‑809265)
    Chemical Pump Check Valve (42‑809265)

    This check valve fits most Prochem stainless steel chemical pumps.

    • Check Valve
    • For Use with Many Prochem and HydraMaster Chemical Pumps
    • Ships Same Day
  5. Nissan Carburetor #610‑K4910
    Nissan Carburetor #610‑K4910

    Nissan Carburetor #610-K4910

    • Carburetor for Nissan A-12 and A-15 engines
  6. Anti‑Freeze Overflow Bottle
    Anti‑Freeze Overflow Bottle

    KBT Bottle Overflow

    • Fits Prochem Performer and Bruin
    • Fits Blueline Thermalwave SM and Bluewave truck mounts
  7. Radiator Cap
    Radiator Cap

    Radiator Cap

    • 13 Lb Radiator cap
    • Fits some Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts
  8. Vac Outlet Nipple 405
    Vac Outlet Nipple 405

    Vac Outlet Nipple 405

    • 3 1/2 " Galvanized outlet nipple
    • Fits Prochem Performer 405


  9. ShurFlo Transfer Pump (2088‑343‑500)
    ShurFlo Transfer Pump (2088‑343‑500)

    SHURflo transfer pump. 12V right to left flow used on the older style water transfer systems on Prochem truck mounts. Typically used a square D pressure switch and was mounted next to or on top of a gray tank in a gray metal box. Pump comes with wing nut barbs for hose.

    • 12 DC pump
    • Does not include pressure switch
    • 3.3 GPM
    • 40 PSI max
  10. Coupler, 3/8"FPT x 3/8"FQD
    Coupler, 3/8"FPT x 3/8"FQD

    This is a 3/8" brass female quick connector with 3/8" female threads. Works with most water inlets on truck mounts.

    • Female quick coupler
    • 3/8"
    • Brass
  11. Nissan Vacuum Advance Module (36‑087)
    Nissan Vacuum Advance Module (36‑087)
    Nissan A-15 distributor vacuum advance module.
    • Nissan
    • Vacuum Advance Module
    • Recommend Replacement every 1500-2000 Hours
  12. Cat Pump 3 Frame Plunger Pump (5CP3120.3)
    Cat Pump 3 Frame Plunger Pump (5CP3120.3)

    Cat Pump brand 5CP plunger pump, pumps 4.5GPM with a max pressure of 3,500PSI. Clutch and belt driven with 3/8" FPT ports.

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