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KleenRite Edge 3 Replacement Parts

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  1. Freedom Upholstery Tool
    Freedom Upholstery Tool

    Clean delicate fabrics with confidence! The Freedom Upholstery Tool was designed to introduce spray into the vacuum chamber in such a unique way that you can clean the fiber face without wetting the backside!

    • Will not drip or overspray on fabric
    • Ideal for cleaning vertical blinds
    • Great on delicate fabrics
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Coupler not included

    Starting at $181.04

  2. Vacuum Hose, Gray, 1‑1/2 Inch
    Vacuum Hose, Gray, 1‑1/2 Inch

    This sturdy vacuum hose is designed to last longer than most others on the market. The 1.5-inch hose will connect with any portable, or it can even serve as a lead hose for any truck mount.

    • Great with portables or as a lead hose for truck mount
    • Incredibly durable
    • Available in multiple lengths
    • 1-1/2-inch cuffs

    Starting at $35.91

  3. 4 Prong Switch
    4 Prong Switch

    KleenRite Rocker Switch, 4 Prong, Heater

    • Switch, rocker
  4. Gasket, Vacuum Motor
    Gasket, Vacuum Motor
    This gasket fits the 5-5/8" vacuum motors.
    • Foam
    • For use with 5-5/8" vacuum motors
    • Self Adhesive
  5. Ametek 3 Stage Vacuum Motor (116765‑13)
    Ametek 3 Stage Vacuum Motor (116765‑13)

    3 Stage vacuum motor. 

    • Vacuum Motor 
    • 3 Stage
    • 115V 13.1A
    • 95.5CFM.190" Water Lift
  6. Pressure Regulator 500 psi
    Pressure Regulator 500 psi

    500 psi Pressure Regulator with adjustable rating of 50-500 psi .

    • Brass Regulator
    • Adjustable 50-500 psi
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