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Blueline SES Replacement Parts


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  1. ea Screw for Exhaust
    ea Screw for Exhaust
    5/16-18 x 1-1/4" black oxide hex (Allen) head bolt.
    • Heat Resistant Black Oxide
    • 5/16-18 Thread 1-1/4"OAL
    • 1/4" Hex (Allen) Head
  2. Circuit Breaker, 30A
    Circuit Breaker, 30A
    30A 12V Circuit breaker.
    • Circuit Breaker
    • 30A
    • Resettable
    • 30-007
  3. Circuit Breaker, 20A
    Circuit Breaker, 20A

    20-amp, 12-volt circuit breaker is easy to install and resettable.

    • Circuit Breaker
    • 20A
    • Resettable
    • 30-008
  4. Hour Meter
    Hour Meter

    Round hour meter used on ALL Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts.

    • Hour meter
  5. 12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)
    12V Fuel Pump (035000‑0510)

    Electric 12 VDC fuel pump.

    • Fuel pump
    • 12 volt
    • 2-3 psi
  6. Fuel Filter Kohler
    Fuel Filter Kohler

    Kohler Fuel Filter

    • 51 Micron
    • 1/4" fuel line


  7. Filter, Pre‑Air Kohler
    Filter, Pre‑Air Kohler

    This pre-air filter has been manufactured to fit the following Kohler Command engine-equipped truck mount units: Prochem Legend, Legend SE and Legend XL.

    • Pre-filter


  8. Air Filter Kohler Command
    Air Filter Kohler Command

    This Kohler air filter element is made for the following truck mount units: Prochem Legend, Legend SE, and Legend XL fitted with Kohler Command engines. This part does not include a pre-filter.

    • Fits most 17 HP- 26 HP Command series engine models CH and CV
  9. Fuel Filter Assembly for Kubota Engine
    Fuel Filter Assembly for Kubota Engine

    Prochem Fuel Filter for Kubota Engines

    • Fuel filter for carbureted units
    • Filter mounts under van before fuel pump
    • Will not work with diesel or fuel-injected engines


  10. Cable, Throttle
    Cable, Throttle

    Throttle Cable.

    • Throttle Cable
    • Fits older Prochem units with T-handle throttle
    • Free Technical Support
  11. Cable, Choke
    Cable, Choke

    Choke Cable

    • Choke cable 
    • Fits all Prochem and BLUEline truck mounts with choke
    • Free Technical Support Available
  12. Float Switch, Recovery Tank
    Float Switch, Recovery Tank

    This recovery tank level kill switch can also be used as the pump-out activation switch. This switch fits most BLUEline and some HydraMaster units.

    • 1 1/2" pipe thread
    • Prochem
    • HydraMaster
    • BlueLine Equipment
    • Sapphire Scientific 
  13. Carquest SAE 10W‑30 All‑Season Motor Oil (CQ630)
    Carquest SAE 10W‑30 All‑Season Motor Oil (CQ630)

    10W-30 motor oil is the most common type of oil used in truck mount engines today, with the exception of the GM Vortec engine and the Hyundai DOHC engine. 10W-30 can be used year round.

    • 10W-30
    • Standard motor oil
    • Single quart
  14. Knob, 1/4‑20 Thumb (11‑007)
    Knob, 1/4‑20 Thumb (11‑007)

    Heavy duty flower thumb knob.

    • Cover Thumb Nut
    • 1/4-20 Thread
  15. Metering Valve, 1/8 Inch
    Metering Valve, 1/8 Inch

    This right-angle chemical metering valve has a 1/8" FMT. It is rated at 3,000 PSI.

  16. Gasket Material
    Gasket Material

    Neoprene gasket

    • Neoprene Material
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Fits multiple units
    • Easily conforms to many shapes
  17. Breather Reed Retainer
    Breather Reed Retainer

    Breather reed retainer for the Kohler Command series engines.

    • Retainer, breather reed
  18. Voltage Regulator, Kohler
    Voltage Regulator, Kohler

    Voltage Regulator, Kohler # K25 403 05-S

    • Voltage regulator
  19. Hose, Winterizing and Descaling
    Hose, Winterizing and Descaling
    Truck mount winterizing and descaling hose kit.
    • Winterizing and Descaling Hose
    • Provided by Jon-Don
    • Free Technical Support
  20. Stainless Steel Chemical Pump (100906)
    Stainless Steel Chemical Pump (100906)

    Stainless steel chemical pump by General Pumps.

    • Stainless Steel 
    • Easily Rebuildable 
    • Used On A Wide Variety Of Truck Mount Systems
  21. TKX Lubricant, 16oz (4KK77)
    TKX Lubricant, 16oz (4KK77)
    Aerosol blower lubricant. For use with all truckmount and blower types.
    • Blower Lubricant
    • Non Drying Oily Film
    • Displaces Moisture
    • Protects Against Corrosion
    • For use with All Vacuum Blower and Truckmount Types 
  22. ea Vac Inlet Vortex Cap
    ea Vac Inlet Vortex Cap
    2" vacuum cap.
    • 2" Cap
    • Found on ProChem Sapphire and Vortex Units
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