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3M Cordless AP1 Multisprayer Replacement Parts


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  1. Recharge Cord for 3M‑AP1C
    Recharge Cord for 3M‑AP1C

    This 16' cord is for the new style units that plug into the cigarette lighter.

    • 16' Cigarette Charger Cord
    • Leviton Plug
    • Fits new style 3M Sprayers
  2. Multi‑Sprayer Cordless Battery Sprayer
    Multi‑Sprayer Cordless Battery Sprayer

    This convenient rechargeable sprayer handles it all: protectors, pre-sprays, detergents, deodorizers, and more! Standard pump-up models only spray for a minute or so before you have to pump them again. But this model sprays for 90 continuous minutes per charge for the ultimate in efficiency!

    • Rechargeable sprayer; 90-minute spray per charge
    • Cordless convenience
    • Lightweight, just 15 pounds!
    • 70 PSI pump
    • Upholstery wand with 5001 t-jet
  3. 2‑Gallon Jug with Cap
    2‑Gallon Jug with Cap

    Make sure you have plenty of mixing and storage containers on the job to save valuable time. This 2-gallon replacement jug fits the 3M Multi-Sprayer and comes with a cap to safely store and transport unused chemicals.

    • 2-gallon container
    • Comes with storage cap
    • Fits the 3M-AP1-EA Sprayer
  4. Battery Pac
    Battery Pac

    This battery pack fits the 3m Multi-Sprayers. It is recommended to change the pump when changing the battery. Older pumps draw a lot of extra power.

    12 volt battery pack.

  5. Truck Panel Connection
    Truck Panel Connection

    Truck panel connection 12 volt cigarette lighter connection.

    • 12 volt truck panel connection
    • For a cigarette cord connection
  6. Hose, 3M‑AP1 Straight
    Hose, 3M‑AP1 Straight
    Multi-Sprayer straight replacement hose.
    • 3M Multi Sprayer
    • Straight Replacement Hose
    • 1/4" x 10'
  7. Spray Body Cap
    Spray Body Cap

    Cap, Spray Body.

    • Brass Cap
  8. Spray Screen No‑Drip
    Spray Screen No‑Drip

    No-Drip Spray Screen. Use with Body CI-200993-EA.

    • No-Drip Screen
    • Brass Housing
  9. Clear Braid Hose, 1/4" (RPV‑04)
    Clear Braid Hose, 1/4" (RPV‑04)
    1/4'' ID Vinyl Tubing - Chemical Hose (sold per foot)
    • 1/4"
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Rated up to 100PSI
  10. 3M MultiSprayer Valve Assembly (MS6590)
    3M MultiSprayer Valve Assembly (MS6590)

    This is the brass valve and trigger that fits all Multisprayers.

    • 3M MultiSprayer
    • Valve Assembly
    • For Use with Both MultiSprayer Models
  11. Stainless Steel Wand Threaded Tube
    Stainless Steel Wand Threaded Tube

    Stainless steel wand threaded tube.

    • Wand, Stainless steel
  12. T‑Jet Brass, 8004
    T‑Jet Brass, 8004

    This is a brass 8004 T-Jet spray tip. It is perfect for applying carpet cleaning pre-sprays and protectors.

  13. Hose, 3M‑AP1 Coiled
    Hose, 3M‑AP1 Coiled
    3M-AP1 coiled sprayer hose.
    • Multi-Sprayer
    • 1/4" Hose
    • Pre-Coiled
  14. Switch for 3M‑AP1C‑EA
    Switch for 3M‑AP1C‑EA

    Battery pack for AP1 Sprayer

    • 12 Volt
    • 2 Terminal Switch
  15. AquaTec 12V 50 PSI Pump (DDP 5800)
    AquaTec 12V 50 PSI Pump (DDP 5800)

    12 VOLT DC Aqua-Tec Pump Solvent Resistant. Fits 3M AP1 Cordless Sprayer.

    • AquaTec
    • 12 VDC
    • 50 PSI
    • For Use with Cordless 3M Multi-Sprayer
  16. Rocker Switch Single Throw (130717)
    Rocker Switch Single Throw (130717)

    Switch for Castex Eagle.

    • Non-Lighted Rocker Switch
  17. Upholstery Assembly AP1
    Upholstery Assembly AP1

    Upholstery Spray Assembly.

    • Wand, Multi-Sprayer
  18. Wand Complete AP1
    Wand Complete AP1

    This is a complete floor wand with an 8004 t-jet.

    • Wand, Multisprayer
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