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Odorcide Skunk Off Shampoo

Odorcide Skunk Off Liquid Spray (32 oz)

Product Highlights

Odorcide Skunk Off Shampoo uses natural essential oils to remove all traces of skunk spray from hair and skin. Both people and pets can use Skunk Off Shampoo. This odor neutralizer destroys noxious odors instantly!
  • Removes all traces of skunk spray
  • Uses natural essential oils
  • Safe for use directly on pets
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Product Description

There are few smells worse than skunk spray.
Not only is it horribly stinky, but it’s also sticky and difficult to remove. 

Thankfully, this odor has met its match with Odorcide Skunk Off Spray.


Odorcide Skunk Off Spray is not a masking agent, nor is it an enzyme. It’s an odor neutralizer that goes to work to destroy noxious odors instantly and permanently. Its unique formula uses natural essential oils that remove all traces of skunk spray from hair and skin.


Skunk Off Spray can be safely used on both people and pets*, as well as, carpets, upholstery, clothing or bedding. There's no need to rinse it off. Just apply, let dry, and breath a fresh and skunk-free sigh of relief!


Directions for Use on the Pet

Wipe off excess skunk spray. Saturate area of direct hit with Skunk-Off. Work in thoroughly, rinse and then let dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.


Directions for Use in the Home

Skunk-Off can be safely applied to carpets, upholstery, clothing or bedding. Use Skunk-Off liquid in laundry at a rate of 2-4 ounces per regular load. Skunk-Off may also be applied in larger areas by wet fogging with a dilution of 1:1 with water.


Now, we could launch into a long-winded explanation of the way the chemistry works and how it neutralizes odor at the molecular level, but we know you don’t really care about the science. All you care about is: Does it work?  The answer is a resounding YES!


*Note: Skunk Off may cause minor eye irritation. Rinse generously with water. Take care when using this product on cats. Cats are natural groomers and they continually lick their hair coat. Skunk Off in the cat's mouth is not dangerous but may cause excessive drooling.



  1. Shake bottle well before using. 
  2. Wipe off excess skunk spray. 
  3. Saturate entire area with Skunk Off, paying close attention the area of the direct hit. 
  4. Work in thoroughly. 
  5. Be sure to apply to eye lids, mouth, and in-between toes. 
  6. Thoroughly rinse and dry. 
  7. Reapply if necessary.

Technical Specifications

Material Carpet|Cement|Ceramic Tile|Upholstery|Wood|Wool
Category Deodorizers, General Odor Control Chemicals, Pet Odor Chemicals
pH 6.6
Brand Odorcide
Application Method Spray, Wet Fog, Wipe
Chemical Type Water Based
Type Liquid
Condition new


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