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Metzger/McGuire MM‑80 Semi‑Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler, Standard Gray, Part A (5 GL)

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5 Gallons
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  • For professional use only
  • Must combine with Part B for full kit
  • Ideal for joint and crack repair in industrial settings
  • Helps protect edges from spalling
  • Shore hardness of A90-95; LEED Compliant
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    Product Information

    MM-80 is a two-component, 100% solids content epoxy joint filler designed to fill, protect, and repair joints and cracks in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard, heavy wheeled traffic from carts, forklifts, and other vehicles handling heavy loads.

    MM-80 is designed for use in areas where final temperatures are from 40°F (10°C) to +120°F(49°C).

    When cured, MM-80 is a gray, semi-rigid (hard but slightly resilient) filler with a Shore hardness of A90-95. It yields sufficient rigidity to support loads crossing joints, protecting edges from spalling. It also offers sufficient resiliency to prevent brittleness throughout the floor’s life.

    MM-80 exhibits low range tensile and adhesive strengths, which are characteristics necessary to allow the joints to open as the concrete shrinkage progresses.

    MM-80 is the joint filler upon which ACI and PCA standards are based.

    This is Part A only. Must combine with Part B CU-MM80B-05.

    MM-80 is not designed for use in:

    • True expansion/isolation joints
    • Exterior joints (paving, etc.)
    • Joints exposed to extreme chemical exposure
    • Joints under VCT/seamless floor coverings (in most settings)As with most semi-rigid joint fillers, MM-80 may discolor if subjected to UV rays from certain types of lighting systems.

    USDA/FDA/CFIA/LEED® Acceptability

    MM-80 is acceptable for use in floors subject to inspection/regulation by USDA/FDA and Environment Canada/CFIA. MM-80 contains no VOC’s and fully complies with all LEED® green building standards.




    Install first pass of MM-80 to within 1/2” of floor surface, and allow to sit for 60-90 minutes. This will allow entrapped air bubbles to rise and sinker areas to be discovered. Make second pass and overfill joint (crown). DO NOT USE SILICA-MODIFIED MM-80 FOR SECOND PASS. Allow MM-80 to cure into a full solid, usually 6-10 hours depending on temperature. Flush bulk guns with solvent regularly to prevent set-up in barrel or tip. If gun gets warm, dispense contained MM-80 promptly.


    Caution On Chemical Cure:

    MM-80 cures chemically through a reaction of parts A and B.During this chemical reaction the released fumes can be potentially harmful. The reaction causes a high heat buildup of as much as 180° F. Be extremely cautious during the cure period.Do not inhale or get epoxy on skin or in eyes; do not handle container of mixed epoxy without heat resistant gloves. See MSDS and safety information for additional information.


    Finish Profile:

    To be effective as an edge-protector, MM-80’s final profile must be flush with the floor surface. This is achieved by razoring-off the overfill crown AFTER the MM-80 has fully cured into a solid.This may require second day razoring. Use tile removal razor scraper or similar. If MM-80 is difficult to razor or ratchet while razoring, apply as mall amount of heat(torch, heat gun, etc.)just prior to shaving.



    More Information
    Color Gray
    Category Joint and Crack Repair
    Brand Metzger McGuire
    Condition New
    Manufacturer Model Number MMM8P-10-PTA-STDGRAY
    solids (%) 100
    Manual / Schematic