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Microfiber Cloth, 16" x 16", 300 Gram

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  • 300-gram quality
  • Lint-free
  • Lasts longer and picks up more dirt
  • Use on any surface, will not scratch
  • Launderability exceeds 200 washings

Product Information

Softer than silk, yet bulldog tough, microfiber cloths attract and hold
on to dust and grime like you won't believe!

Try a microfiber cloth on just one job in place of your old duster or rag, and you'll be amazed at the difference.

Each microfiber cloth contains hundreds of thousands of microfiber "hooks" per square inch that grab, lift, and hold dust and grime without the need for cleaning solutions.

In addition, microfiber has a positive charge so it attracts and holds on to dust (which has a negative charge), instead of merely pushing it around the surface the way other dusters do. And talk about absorbent: a Microfiber cloth can hold up to seven times its weight in fluids!

Plus, this soft, synthetic fiber won't scratch paint, glass, acrylics, or plastic window tint films, so you can use it on any surface with confidence.

There are a variety of microfiber choices on the market, and one of the most distinguishing characteristics is gram weight (how many grams per square meter the towel weighs). Cloth made from densely woven loops will feel thirstier, absorb more, and have a higher gram weight. Low-quality cloths typically have a gram weight of about 180. They are much less absorbent and tend to fall apart after a few washings.

But when you choose a cloth with a with a gram weight of 300 - like Jon-Don's Microfiber line - you get a much more efficient, much more durable cloth.

Available in four colors
You can color-code your cleaning tasks to prevent cross contamination.


  • Blue for general-purpose cleaning
  • Yellow for low-risk contamination
  • Green for food service
  • Pink for high-risk contamination

Usage Tips:

  1. For best results always wash microfiber products separate from other towels.
    They will attract lint in the wash water, which can leave lint residues when next used.

  2. Never use any type of fabric softener or bleach on microfiber.
    These products "clog" up the fibers and render the cloth ineffective.


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Material Microfiber
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Rags
Condition new