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Matrix® MaxFlex Heavy‑Duty Powdered Carpet Pre‑Spray

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Matrix® MaxFlex Heavy‑Duty Powdered Carpet Pre‑Spray, 6.5 lbs (4 PK)
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Matrix® MaxFlex Heavy‑Duty Powdered Carpet Pre‑Spray, 6.5 lbs
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Matrix® MaxFlex Heavy Duty Powdered Carpet Pre‑Spray, 40 lbs
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  • Perfect solution for stubborn oily soils in polyester and olefin carpets
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • pH: 12.0–12.5
  • Not safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Dilute 2 ounces per gallon of water

Product Information

Struggling with Trashed Rentals or Greasy Restaurants?

Those Greasy, Grimy, Oily Soils Are No Match for MaxFlex!


Your Secret Weapon for Those Really “Nasty” Jobs…

You know the jobs we’re talking about—the ones with carpets that are the stuff of nightmares.


Trashed “rat nasty” rental units…


Greasy restaurants that look like they haven’t been cleaned properly since the 90s...


Hotels where guests try to check out as quickly as possible…


When faced with this kind of severe oil-based soiling, reach for the power of MaxFlex! This fast-acting, high-pH formula dissolves heavy greasy soils, lifting them away from the fiber surface for easy, thorough extraction.


Perfect for Restaurants and Neglected Carpet

For professional carpet cleaners, restaurants and the neglected carpet found in apartments, dorm rooms, and rental properties presents the toughest cleaning challenge. Your everyday pre-spray just can’t cut through the thick oily binders that hold onto dirt like super glue.


With a high-powered alkaline RTU pH of 12.0–12.5, MaxFlex dissolves grease and grime almost instantly. It's perfect for oil-loving carpets, such as polyester and olefin.


When other pre-sprays fall flat, this formula is your go-to solution for tough jobs. NOTE: This powerful formula is NOT recommended for use on well-maintained or stain-resistant warranted carpets.


Works Right Away—No Extended Dwell Times!

The chemists at Matrix designed MaxFlex with a high pH plus a unique blend of surfactants, builders, and solvents that almost instantly dissolve the stubborn oily binders that hold onto tough dirt like a magnet. 


Unlike enzyme-based pre-sprays, which can require 30–45 minutes of dwell time, MaxFlex goes to work right away, liquefying thick gunk and oily deposits for easy, fast removal.


Even the most stubborn, built-up soiling will melt away right before your eyes!



Ultra-Concentrated—Just 2 oz per Gallon!


MaxFlex is super concentrated and delivers outstanding grease-fighting power at only 2 ounces per gallon of water. This economical formula is very budget friendly and delivers phenomenal results for pennies per gallon!




Pleasant Citrus Fragrance


Your customer will judge cleanliness by more than just the absence of dirt.


Sure, the carpet has to look and feel clean, but it also has to smell clean too.


MaxFlex is infused with an uplifting citrus aroma that lasts long but isn’t overpowering. Your customer will enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance long after the cleaning is done and get a total confirmation that their carpet is deep down clean.



Dissolves Quickly

The biggest complaint people have about powdered pre-sprays is clumping. No one has time to break up little jet-clogging clumps in their sprayer.


Matrix MaxFlex dissolves quickly and easily with no messy clumps! Just pour it in, give it a quick shake, and you’re ready to apply.


 Its unique blend of surfactants, builders, and solvents is perfectly balanced to fight grease and grime without damaging your equipment.




  1. Always pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness prior to application.
  2. For increased efficiency, apply Matrix MaxFlex with an injection sprayer to take advantage of solution pressure and heat created by your high-performance portable extractor or truck mount. You can also use a pump-up pressure sprayer or electric or battery-powered sprayer. Apply in even overlapping patterns.
  3. Mix 2 oz per gallon of hot water for pump-up sprayer. For an inline injection sprayer, mix 10 oz of chemical per 5 quarts of hot water. Shake well for complete mixing.
  4. Spray evenly on the carpet. Allow 10 minutes dwell time. Do not allow to dry.
  5. Using an acid/neutralizing rinse or compatible alkaline detergent, thoroughly extract the area. A rotary extraction tool may also be used for more effective soil removal, reduced fatigue, and faster cleaning. 
  6. For faster drying, especially in humid environments, use an air mover to speed dry carpet.


More Information
Ingredients Ingredients List
Material Carpet
Category Carpet Pre-Sprays (TLC)
pH 12.0 - 12.5
Brand Matrix
Chemical Type Water Based
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
Type Powder
Condition new
Scent Citrus
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)