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Matrix® Impact Detergent

Matrix® Impact Detergent (1 GL)
SKU#: MX-I-01

Product Highlights

Impact contains a special blend of grease-cutting agents and brighteners that dramatically improves the appearance of commercial carpets. This high-pH detergent cuts through the dirt for a deep-down, thorough clean.
  • Effectively removes stains
  • Dramatically improves carpet appearance
  • pH: 12.6–13.3
  • Not safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Variable dilutions
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Product Description

When faced with tough commercial cleaning challenges, reach for Matrix Impact. This powerful detergent was specifically designed to cut through the dirt and get a deep-down clean. In fact, this high-pH detergent contains special additives that promote in-depth penetration, so you can easily and thoroughly flush away the heaviest oil- and water-based soil.


In fact, Impact’s formula is so effective, it removes difficult stains normal detergents cannot touch. Plus, Impact’s special blend of grease cutting agents will dramatically improve the appearance of commercial carpets – something your customers will really love.


Impact is super concentrated. One gallon makes up to 320 ready-to-use gallons of powerful detergent!


Impact is designed for use in both portable and truck mount units.  Not safe for use on stain resistant carpet.


Carpet Cleaning:

Commercial carpeting can be made of any kind of fiber. If the fiber is olefin or wool, follow the tech helps for those particular fiber types. The main difference in cleaning commercial carpeting versus residential carpeting is that commercial carpeting tends to be more heavily soiled and has more greasy soils in it. To combat these heavy, greasy soils, more powerful, higher pH solutions should be used. These solutions are not approved for stain-resistant carpeting.



  • Portables: Mix 2 ounces of Impact into 5 gallons of water.
  • Truck mounts: Mix 1 quart of Impact into 5 gallons of water for stock solution concentrate.


Recommended Basic Method:

  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  2. Dilute pre-spray (traffic lane cleaner) into a pump-up or inline sprayer and spray onto all traffic lane areas.
  3. Use a groomer to groom in the pre-spray and allow a 10-minute dwell time. Do not allow pre-spray to dry on the carpet.
  4. Put diluted detergent into carpet extractor and clean carpet.
  5. To neutralize carpet, dilute an acid rinse into a pump-up sprayer, inline sprayer, or extractor and apply to carpet.
  6. Apply 3M Scotchgard diluted at 32 oz per gallon of water to carpet with a sprayer.
  7. Groom carpet to evenly spread protector onto all sides of the fiber.
  8. Set air movers in room to speed dry carpet.

Technical Specifications

Hazmat Yes
Ingredients Ingredients List
Material Carpet
Category Detergents
pH 12.6 - 13.3
Brand Matrix
Chemical Type Water Based
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
Type Liquid
Condition new
Scent Root Beer


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