Two Ways You Can Use the Custom Label Program for Maximum Profit Potential...

#1: Five Around Marketing

What is five around? It's when you place your message on the five houses surrounding your customer's house - the two on either side, and the three across the street.

This is an inexpensive and effective way to market your business. Simply put your personalized bottle of spotting solution along with your brochure, business card, and a coupon in a goodie bag and deliver it to the five houses surrounding your customer's home. Be sure to include a note that says something along the lines of, "We just cleaned your neighbor's home, and we'd love the opportunity to clean your home, too!"

This method takes advantage of the implied testimonial of your customer whose home you've just cleaned. Her neighbors will ask her about the job you did and then decide if they'd like to use your services. If you've done a great job (and we're sure you did!), your phone will be ringing with new customers in no time.

#2: Crossover Marketing

Crossover marketing is when two businesses combine their marketing efforts to get more exposure. By working together, both companies get what they want for a lot less than if they invested their advertising dollars separately.

FACT: Research shows that the majority of customers for the average carpet cleaning company are women between the ages of 35 to 65. Women are the decision-makers in the household when it comes to carpet cleaning. They decide which rooms get cleaned, when they get cleaned, and whether or not they need protector.

By partnering with another business that caters to women, such as a local beauty salon, you can use the Custom Label Program to dramatically increase exposure.

Start by meeting with the owner or manager. Introduce yourself and your business. You have something in common with each other: you're both small businesses serving the same demographic, and you both want to increase your customer base. By working together, you can grow your businesses, make more money, and do it for a lot less cost.

Here's a proposal you can make.

In exchange for some space on the front counter to place an advertisement and for the salon staff to hand out a personalized bottle of Spot Out to every customer, you could do the following:

1. Offer to trade free carpet cleaning (every salon has floor mats and some carpeted areas in need of cleaning) and/or
2. Offer to hand out salon coupons or brochures to your customers.

Any salon owner with business savvy will see the value in this arrangement. It costs them very little, but will yield a high return.

Just imagine the word of mouth potential by partnering with a business like this! After a customer has her carpet cleaned and then returns to the salon, she'll be singing your praises to the other customers. "Oh, they just cleaned my carpets last week. They really did a fantastic job." That kind of advertising is priceless.

Don't stop at hair and nail salons. What about florists, dry cleaners (remember: Spot Out works on wet cleanable spots only), or real estate agents? Real estate agents are such a perfect fit because they are in contact with people who are new to the area, and they also need to have carpets cleaned for sellers on a regular basis.

Think about it. A family moves in to their new home and the real estate agent makes sure to leave your business package on the kitchen counter. In it they'll find your personalized bottle of Spot Out and a card that says, "We've cleaned your neighbors' homes, and we'd love to have the privilege of cleaning yours. Give us a call." This family already trusts the agent, and they will trust you by association.

The profit-making possibilities are endless. To get started with the Custom Label Program, simply click the link below or call (800) 556-6366 to speak to one of our Custom Label Representatives today!